Saturday, April 4, 2015

Junk from a Junkie

I just wanted to use that title as it has a nice ring to it. Everybody's favorite Junior Junkie TJ sent me some great cards.

Four lovely vintage cards. And these make up one-third of my desperate dozen of cards I long(ed) for! Even with a touch of surface damage, very happy to finally own an Eddie Murray RC. Also excited for the iconic '71 Munson play at the plate. The 2 McCovies have been needs for a while. Well, JBF did deliver with a beat up '69 a couple weeks ago which was definitely appreciated, but this copy is in pretty nice shape. And the '79 was surprisingly elusive for me.. glad to knock that off the wantlist finally!

Five copies to the Marquis Mania cause!


A couple Giancarlos, a couple Peavies, a Big Papi/Green Monster manipatch!, Bobby Orr. Great stuff here.

Here are a bunch of cool Greg Maddux cards! Upper right is 2000 Stadium Club Chrome.. a sweet looking card that unfortunately doesn't scan or photograph well.. but expect to see more of those on my blog very soon because I've got a hobby box en route.

Great lot of Gwynn cards, including a cameo appearance on the bottom. Terrific!

I'll have to do another post soon about TJ re: wallet card, but this one's just for the sweet trade package.

With these cards, TJ has removed himself from my Shit List (guys I traded with who I've been waiting several months for a return package from). Now just left on my Shit List are Play at the Plate (whom I have faith in coming through one of these days) and View From The Skybox (who is dead to me).

Thanks again, TJ!


  1. I don't think it gets much better than a '71 Munson AND a '78 Eddie Murray in the same trade package.

  2. You see? I never know when I'm on someone's shit list. Good to be off!

  3. Ah, the Marquis Mania! I had forgotten who was after those. I think I have a couple for you here.