Sunday, April 12, 2015

Greg Maddux 100x

Greg Maddux is now off my wantlist and into my Hundred Card Club! I did some sorting over the weekend, and discovered that thanks in part to Junior Junkie sending me a stack of cards a couple weeks ago, I've reached the magic number of 100 unique cards of Mad Dog.

Are you ready to look at 100 Greg Maddux cards? Let's do it!

My collection seems to be sparse in the years 2001-2003.

2008 is my biggest year for Maddux cards, including the only 2 relics I've got of him.

Here's my best Maddux: an auto /25. And yes, I realize counting a scratched-off redemption card as a "card of a guy" is a stretch.

By my count, that makes an even 100. If you're a purist who doesn't think I should count the redeemed redemption as a real card, well, here's one more card to make up for it..

(It currently resides in the Christmas Cards minicollection, not the Maddux PC, hence it not being included in the above 2008 photo.)

Greg Maddux is a guy I liked/collected even back in my early days of collecting (1990-1993), and in fact, much of these early (87-92) cards in my PC were salvaged from the part of my original card collection that wasn't jettisoned when I moved out of state. While it wasn't exactly "prospecting", it was pretty cool when he went on to win a bunch of Cy's and craft a HOF career. He further endeared himself to me with his late-career stint in San Diego.

Per my current Hundred Card Club method of player-collecting, I'm no longer actively collecting Greg Maddux, technically speaking. But I definitely won't reject any of his cards I don't have that I may get in trades or pull from packs.

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. You should definitely look to add one more... the 2005 Topps card that celebrates his 300th win. It's a pretty neat shot.

  2. I second that on you should add the 2005 Topps card. It's one of my favorites. I have over 100 Maddux cards (about to make a new post with more this week), but its funny how we have most of the same cards. Though I am really jealous because I have no relic or autographs. Nice collection, no doubt.

  3. Not a huge 91 Score fan, but that card of his looks awesome! Congratulations on welcoming Maddux to your Hundred Card Club.