Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quick trade roundups

Here's a post for some loose ends regarding cards I've gotten from trades in the past week.

Can you guess why I love these two cards that share a similar trait? The Josh Beckett relic was included with the package from Bru, the majority of which I featured yesterday in my big Giancarlo Stanton post. I half-heartedly collected Josh Beckett for a while, but broke up that PC last year.
The Austin Kearns card comes thanks to a recent package from Daniel of it's like having my own card shop. I've never collected Kearns.

Let's take another look.

See it now?

Christmas Cards, baby!

It's not very often that I receive 12/25 cards in trades, so these are very much appreciated! (And with that, my streak of posting a Christmas Card on the blog on the 25th of every month remains intact.)

Daniel also help me knock off a couple junk Desperate Dozen needs from the sidebar:

I'll never get anywhere close to obtaining every Gwynn card in existence.. not when considering oddballs, inserts, and parallels... but it's a realistic goal to get all his mainstream cards, at least. Just talking about base flagship cards from the big 5 companies of the time. So yes, I was happy to receive these '92 Score and '92 Fleer cards!

Daniel also hit a few of my other player collections with this trio of Bowman Platinum cards.

He also sent me several Paul Goldschmidt cards, but I'll save those for a future post.
Big thanks, Daniel!

Finally, Mark Hoyle graciously dropped another PWE on me the other day.

Very nice. Highlights for me here are PC needs from '15 Opening Day and the Dick Allen stamp. Good stuff! Thank you, Mark! I just dropped some cards in the mail for you.

Oh, one last thing.. the enjoyable blog Big 44's Sports Cards is back from a long hibernation and celebrating with a comment-to-enter contest. I think the last day to enter is 4/26, so better hurry if you're interested. Here's the link. I'm happy the blog is back, but Nate is a Pirates collector, and that means my depleted Buccos tradables will likely be stretched even thinner between him and Bob Walk the Plank! #collectorproblems

Well, I'm off to the card show now, so I'll have to keep a keen eye out for interesting Pirates while I'm there.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!


  1. I bough a lot of the stamps. I knew you would give the Allen a good home.