Friday, May 29, 2015

70s pickups from the 50¢ boxes (card show recap)

In November of 1998, I fell in love with an unidentified song on a tape recorded off the radio. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out mystery songs, but it was sung in a foreign language, so googling the lyrics was no use. I even tried one of those apps that identifies songs, and it couldn't help.

Well, took me nearly 17 years, but I finally tracked it down today!

Ah, the joy of a completed quest and mystery solved!!

(I can't find it easily embeddable, but if you're curious, here's a link to the song.)

Ok, now the cards in this post aren't exactly white whales along the lines of my hunt to figure out what song that was. But hey, they're still pretty cool pickups in their own right.

So let's get on with it... Here are some more old cards I got from the 50¢ bins at the recent cardshow.

Some big names here.

Back-to-back Fergies. I've got all these in my 73 setbuild already, but I suspect they may be upgrades (I still need to check), plus I kinda PC these guys, so no harm in picking up a dupe.

The hits keep coming with 1975 Topps. F-Robbie's final Topps card as a player. And rookie cards respectively highlighted by Freddy Lynn and Keith Hernandez. I always just thought Lynn had his arm out in a batting pose in this photo, but the blogosphere educated me that Topps just bizarrely whited-out the bottom of his picture for whatever reason.

Onto the late 70s. The Lefty is my first '77 cloth card. I remember getting throwback inserts in Archives of this type of thing and just assuming it was a new gimmick they just came up with.. but no, there really were weird cloth sticker things in 1977. And I love Willie Stargell, but this is definitely not one of his better cards. But pretty sure I needed it, so for 50¢.. yeah.

And then just a couple 80s cards to finish out the post. I've got to be creeping up on the 100 cards needed to knock Rickey off my wantlist, but he's still got a few classic cards I'd like to pick up, such as this '82 Donruss. And the Pete Rose OPC quoting "Now with Expos" is kinda neat.

Have a terrific weekend, everybody!

Do any of you guys have mystery songs you like a lot that you haven't been able to identify? Hum a bit of it in the comments and maybe somebody could help you.


  1. Great cards and at 50 cents each...a steal!

  2. I get songs stuck in my head too much not to know what song it is...I won't let that go until I find out what it is. Even if it is Googling random lyrics and hoping for the best....

  3. Holy crap, I've heard of Juana Molina! ...But not that song, so I wouldn't have been able to help you anyway. I have a compilation CD I bought at Starbucks a number of years ago (even though I don't drink coffee, go figure). The CD had a song of hers, El Cristal, which is kind of an odd song but I like it:

    There was a band in the 1980's called One Plus Two who put out a 4-song EP called "Watercolor Haircut" and I've been looking for a copy (on and off) for 30 years. Not quite the same deal as yours, but I wanted to share my pain.

  4. Oh, and who says the 1975 Lynn is just whited-out? His 1982 K-Mart card (which features a pseudo-rookie card without the other three guys) shows him holding his arm out, presumably with a bat at the other end. It's a poorly colorized photo, but it's not anything completely off the wall.

    Now you've got me curious about who says otherwise... I'm Googling it and can't find anything.

  5. I'm with shlabotnikreport - I don't think the 75 Lynn is whited out and the 82 K-Mart card is the clue. Coincidentally I wrote a post about this earlier in the month here: