Saturday, May 30, 2015

my big score from the card show

Just about done recapping my haul from last weekend's card show. Again, these are all pickups from the 50¢ bins.

The guy had a few 2013 Topps Mike Trout cards, which are fine but I've already got.. you know, like that horizontal shot of him sliding into third making a funny face.. but then I came to one I didn't recognize. Didn't seem to be an All-Star card, checklist, or something like that, so figured it might be a variation and added it to my stack.

Yeppers! Looked it up when I got home and its a sunglasses variation that eBay's at $15. Pretty nice! Probably turned out to be my best buy of the day.

Also added a couple early cards of Nat's stars Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg.

And early cards of Andrew McCutchen and Mike Stanton. I think I already have the Giancarlo, but hey, 50¢.

Normally I try to stay away from collecting guys with feminine first names because I'm just so fucking manly and macho, but Shelby Miller has been pitching pretty well this year, so I grabbed this gold RC. As for the Austin Meadows, I was smitten by the Outfield/Pitcher position designation. I was just commenting on a Night Owl post a couple weeks ago about how it's too bad Brooks Kieschnick never got a card dually listing him as such even though he definitely deserved one. Meadows is doing pretty well down in A-ball in the Pirates organization these days.. he shook out to be a center fielder and hasn't pitched at all. And I couldn't pass up a #'d Miguel Cabrera card, even if it's from the set that tried to kill any meaning left to serial numbering, 2008 Moments & Milestones.

A couple recent HOF inductees in Randy Johnson and Frank Thomas. Big Unit is #'d /1956 and Big Hurt is a neat-looking die-cut.

Finally, I had put these two cards back.. but then I counted up my stack and had a little wiggle room to make an even 50 total cards, so added them back. It's hard for me to pass up liquorfractors. Kind of a cool shot of Felix Hernandez with the ball coming at'cha. And as for the Gwynn, I know I've got the "CD" version of this insert, but don't think I had the "vinyl" one to pair with it.

So there you have it. I'll probably scrounge up a trade bait post in the next day or so and that'll wrap up my haul from May's cardshow. Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice. It's always awesome to score a short print of variation in a bargain bin.

  2. Ooof, I hate the thing where I have to put cards back. Glad you figured out a way to get them!

  3. Yeah, I know that "put cards back" feeling. Sometimes, I'll just say, "I have $11 worth. Would you take $10?" but most of the time, I hate to be that guy so I just count accordingly.

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  5. Love the Pirates pickups! However my favorite here is the Miggy. Love seeing him in a fish jersey.

    Also, I have 1990 Marquis Grissom Upper Deck for you.

  6. There's a CD AND vinyl version of that Hit Parade insert??

    1. Actually they're unrelated inserts that just have very similar designs. The CD "Greatest Hits" inserts are from 2001 Fleer Ultra, and the vinyl "Hit Parade" inserts are from 1996 Leaf Studio.

  7. That Miguel Cabrera is my favorite on this page.
    I got the Hoyt winnings PWE! Thanks, man!
    Very cool

  8. The McCutch Ticket to Stardom has a killer Pirates throwback that I have only found on one other card:

    And that shows the the OTHER side. But no card I have seen shows it from straight on. :(