Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beermas Review conclusion

Here's the long overdue continuation of my 2015 Twelve Days of Beermas review (part 1 here). I've had these empty bottles cluttering my dining room since December, with me just procrastinating to take pictures of them for this post. But now finally on my way out to the glass recycling bin, I paired them up with cards and took pictures. So here we go.

Vladimir Guerrero was a beast in his prime, so let's pair him with this Dick's Brewing cream stout with a beast on the label. This is my first Vlad auto, extra special to me because it's #'d 12/25.


Hey, it's Vlad again, this time on a relic #'d /49 (sorry, but I'm abandoning my theme of only using Christmas Cards for this series.) This Heater Allen alt beer was pretty good, if I recall.

My wife knows I love dark beers, so many of the craft brews she choose to gift me with were stouts and porters. This Golden Valley Brewing Black Panther Imperial Stout from close-by McMinnville, OR packs a punch, as did proud black man Ken Singleton in his playing days. This is a refractor #'d /25 (but not a xmas card, sadly).

I had drank a little too much beer when I set a sniping bid for this Jung Ho Kang RC. I think I was under the mistaken impression that it was an auto. Nope! Don't drink and bid, kids. So I overpaid a little, but oh well, it's a nice looking card, #'d /250. He's probably a classy, tranquil guy, so I've paired him with this classy Traquair house ale from Scotland.

Finally, we return to our roots with a Christmas Card (trust me, it's #'d 12/25 on the back). Tyler Danish is a prospect for the White Sox. As a young guy, he's gotta spend time doing his homework. There, pairing justified. This robust porter might have been my favorite beer of this year's beermas. The neat thing about these Homework Series brews put out by Ballast Point is you can find the recipes online to try your hand at brewing it yourself if you're into that home brew sort of thing. Very cool.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. Ballast Point puts out some great beers and liquor too. However, I did NOT like their oak-aged gin. It was basically scotch. It had none of the good varietal smell or flavor a gin should have. I do not recommend it!

  2. I didn't know Ballast Point did spirits, too. I will have all of the Grapefruit Sculpins, please?

  3. Ballast Point Victory at Sea is one of my favorite Porters. They just came out with Pineapple Sculpin!

    Sorry about the Kang purchase. His cards seem to have finally reached their peak. He has enough autos out there now where you can finally get one for around $20.