Wednesday, February 17, 2016

700th Post Spectacular CONTEST + My Greatest TTM Return Ever

It's a good day! Pitchers and catchers have started reporting, signally the return of baseball for 2016. And we've arrived at another big round number here at Baseball Card Breakdown with this being post #700. Woot! Good job, me!

We'll get to the contest in a minute, but first.. I've been sitting on a certain TTM return I got a week or so ago to line it up with this post #700 because I'm so happy with it that I want to make a big deal out of it.

Wade Boggs put together a Hall of Fame career on the ballfield, and perhaps as impressive, has made guest appearances in some of television's greatest shows. In fact, he amazing made his way into at least three of my all-time favorite shows! That's fertile ground for me to make some neat custom cards.

I heard he was a dependable TTM signer-- an undefined monetary donation is requested, which Boggs generously forwards to a children's hospital charity (All Children's Hospital)-- so I whipped up some customs and cut a check. Less than a month later, my return came back successfully. I was through the roof! And though a week has passed, I'm still pretty stoked on the cards.

The Simpsons is my all-time favorite show (or maybe tied with MST3K), so there was never any doubt I would try to get a Simpsons custom signed. Victory! This marks my first ever Simpsons-related autograph and I love it. I actually designed this custom over two years ago, originally posting it in the series of Simpsons posts celebrating the "Homer at the Bat" episode. So with the heavy lifting out of the way, I just needed to clean it up a bit and print it out.

Rather than copy the real 1991 Topps back, I whipped up a special back recapping Wade's part in the episode.

Another classic show I love is Cheers. Like most of America, I watched it pretty much every week during its original run. These days, my wife and I watch an episode per week or so, working our way through the series on Netflix. A lot of these episodes I haven't watched since they originally aired. While a bit dated at times, it's still 80s sitcom television at its finest.

I really like how this faux 1996 Leaf Signature Series card came out. Instead of the foil oval, you've got the sharp Cheers logo.

Again, the back has another relevant photo and recaps his appearance on the show.

And rounding out the trilogy of Wade Boggs tv customs, we come to probably my current favorite show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you haven't seen it, it's about a despicable group of friends who get into hilarious situations, often leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Not for the faint of heart, but it cracks me up. One particularly memorable episode is when the gang takes a cross-country flight and attempts to break Wade Boggs' legendary drinking record. Again, Wade steps up for a scene and knocks it out of the park.

The 1990 Fleer Super Star Specials subset cards are just made for comedy, so I was excited to make this one. It turned out terrific, I'd say. Wade, always the pro, was sure to only sign on his space of the card, leaving room to complete a dual auto. And while it wasn't my original plan, I now think I'll look into the possibility of having Charlie Day sign the card too. That would be perfect.

Spoiler alert, don't read the back of this one if you haven't seen the episode yet (and you plan to). Always Sunny is also streaming on Netflix, FYI (And no, I'm not sponsored by Netflix or anything. I just watch it a lot, so it gets mentioned on my blog from time to time.)

You may have noticed these cards are all hand-numbered /3 on the backs. You guessed it, I got 3 each of these cards signed (Big thanks again to the generous Mr. Boggs!), and am looking forward to spreading a couple extras around to lucky readers.


Grand Prize
- Your choice of one of these Wade Boggs autographed customs
- a custom card of whatever you want**
- a Pretty Girls custom mini complete set**
- some assorted real cards of the MLB team of your persuasion (Hopefully I'll be able to dig up some nice cards for you, but depends on what I have on hand and/or what I can find at the next card show.)

**These middle parts of the prize package are only included if the winner has posted a comment on my blog already sometime this year (between 1/1/16 and 2/16/16). I think I'll start doing crap like this with my contests as a way to encourage comments/participation, and discourage people from only coming out of the woodwork when there's a contest. Hopefully this motivates lurkers to chime in once in a while.

Just comment below to enter!

I'll also do a second-chance drawing (identical prize package as above) that will be offered to those who pimp this contest with a link on their blog, Twitter, Instagram, or the like and subsequently mention that they did so in the comments below.

I may also throw in "bonus entry" possibilities in upcoming posts, so be sure to check back.

Contest is open to everyone worldwide, though non-US folks may end up with a truncated prize package due to postage costs.

Entry period will last a few days, ending at some point Sunday evening, 2/21/16. Then we'll shake out the winners randomly that week.
[UPDATE: Contest is now closed! Thanks to all who entered!]

Thanks for reading and good luck!

As far as comment-spurring ideas you can choose to answer if you want:
Which of the Wade Boggs customs would you want?
What is your idea for a custom-made custom if you win?


  1. The Simpsons Boggs is too good to be true. Sharp auto on a sharp card!
    Congrats on the 700th post!
    Custom-made custom? It's a little self-centered, I've always wanted to have a baseball card from my college playing days.

  2. Congrats on the 700. Love the Simpsons Boggs. You've already done two of my favorites Doerr and T. Williams. My next choice would be Dom DiMaggio.

  3. I have to admit that I really like the "Boggs in his Prime" card from Cheers. I watched that show a fair amount when it first came out.

    For me for a custom card, I think that Ben Oglivie has been underrepresented in the nostalgia-fests from Topps. Okay, the Brewers are underrepresented to me (I mean, if Paul O'Neil gets on a card....). So, I'd go for the man they called "Spiderman" in Wisconsin.

  4. That Always Sunny Boss Hogg card is AMAZING! I don't know if I should enter though, didn't I win cards from you a while back?

  5. Those are awesome! You shall pimped over at Collector's Crack! I do love that Cheers card and I'd want one of those kick ass Robin Yount customs you did up for Tony L.!

  6. Congrats on 700 posts. I've got a long way to go before I hit that milestone.

    If I should win, I also would choose the Simpsons card because that one connects to my olden days.

    As for a custom-custom, I won't get ahead of myself yet. One step at at time.

  7. I didn't think the Simpsons one could be topped but that It's Always Sunny card is epic! Nicely done!

  8. The Simpsons card wins by a mile in my book, an all time classic episode of an all time classic show!

    If I were to win my own custom made custom, I'd probably go with some obscure Cub with an interesting backstory.

  9. Congrats on 700 and a great return from a great player! You know I have to go with the Simpsons card, which has one of the best front/back pairings I've ever seen.

  10. Hands down, the Simpsons custom is the coolest! The '91 Topps design, the knockout punch on the back - classic. If I were given the chance to receive a custom, I'd have to figure out which of my favorite Red Sox players to ask for - Trot Nixon, Dustin Pedroia or Tim Wakefield.

    Btw, pimped it on my Twitter account (@PorterMan20) - thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Congrats on your milestone!All of those are really terrific but if I have to choose I would pick Simpsons first, then Cheers. I havent ever watched Sunny but seems I am missing out from what I have seen previews of.

    Great prize pack overall especially with the added Pretty girls set. I might choose my custom as another addition to that set :)Or a Chevy Chase card probably Christmas vacation related. Yeah, I jumped topics fast lol

    Tweeted this out as well! Tagged you in it.

  12. I also love the Simpsons card---for a custom, I'd go for something hockey

  13. Comment, comment, comment comment.

    Does that count? :)

  14. Congrats on 700. Phenomenal.
    Congrats on the awesome TTM success. Those customs are simply fantastic.
    I'd have to pick the Cheers one just because it was a favorite of mine.
    The custom I'll keep as a surprise because WHEN I win, I'll want you to be able to show it off.
    Thanks for the generous contest.

  15. those customs look perfect! Thanks for the chance

  16. I would chose the Cheers card. I would like some Padre custom.

  17. First CONGRATS ON 700! I'm close to hitting the big 500. I'd have to go with the Simpson's card, although the Cheers is a very close second. As for a custom, you already know what I would choose and where it would go. I am curious (email the answer if you like) on what "donation" (along with the awesome cards) it took to get 9 sigs back. Back in the day when I was doing the TTM, no one asked for $. (early 90s). Looking forward to reading the next 700 posts.

  18. Gratz! I love the Boggs cards!
    1. That's a tough one. The Simpsons one or the one with Charlie Day. And I'd wait patiently until you had Charlie sign it. ;)
    2. Hmmm. A Mets player of some kind or maybe a card for the old 60's TV Outer Limits or the 60's TV Batman. It would be tough to find color pics for the Outer Limits though.

  19. Love it. Congrats!

    Have to go with Simpsons. For custom, Jeter Fleer 3000 hit!

  20. Congrats on #700! And congrats on the Boggs autos. Three of my favorite shows as well (with, as I think I mentioned in past posts, MST3K being my all time favorites!)

  21. Kudos on reaching 700! Not too far behind Barry Bonds now. Oh wait, that might be something different.

    I like the Simpsons one the best, but all three are shows I like, but I don't remember Boggs on Cheers and haven't see much of Sunny to see him on there (same with Roddy Piper).

    If I were to get a custom design card I'm not sure what I'd want really, maybe I'll think of something if I win.

    By the way, here is a link to my blog where I pimped the contest, its at the end of the blog-

  22. Congrats on 700 posts, Gavin! Yours has quickly become one of the best blogs around.

  23. Congrats on your 700th post! The Simpsons card is awesome!

  24. 700 posts... I have a long way to go for that.. I think I just posted my 52nd tonight.. lol

    I have to say that Simpsons Boggs is cool.. A custom-made custom... I have a couple I'm going back and forth on: Jeff Heath, or Charlie Simmer..

    I also threw in a plug on my blog.

  25. Love the Simpsons one. I've seen every episode more than once, except this season...but I will someday.

    If I win, I already have the design for a custom made up digitally, all it needs is to be printed. I have used it as my profile picture on Facebook in the past.

    Will share on Twitter (@ElCaminoBilly)

  26. In!


    The Simpsons narrowly edges out Sunny for me. Narrowly.

    No idea on a custom I'd like. Yet.

  27. Baseball card collecting: you're doing it right.

  28. Baseball card collecting: you're doing it right.

  29. I don't know if I've commented on your blog yet this year. I know I read your posts. The Simpsons auto would be my choice, but what I am really after is that custom Ginter set you put together. I'd have to think of a custom I'd like. You really hit it out of the park with that Mario Mendoza cut signature you did for me. I still haven't recovered from it enough to think ahead.

  30. 1. I would pick the Simpsons one for sure. I like the others, but not on the level of the Simpsons.

    2. As for a custom card I don't know off the top of my head. I would have to really think about that one.

    I'm new to the site and look forward to seeing more content!

  31. I love It's Always Sunny, but I think the Simpsons card would be my choice. Congrats on 700 buddy!

  32. Awesome return! I like the Simpsons on the best. As far as a custom card, I would go with the newest manager of the Wichita Wingnuts, Pete Rose Jr.

  33. Thanks for the contest! Although I just wrote about Boggs and Cheers... If I had my pick, I'd go with the Simpsons version of Boggs. That card is sweet!

    And if I were to have you create a custom card... it probably would be of Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica/Hawaii 5-0... not the golfer) as part of your Pretty Girls set.

  34. Retweeted!
    Here is a comment I have been meaning to make: have you tried selling your custom cards on Etsy (or something similar)? People sell stuff like this on there:

  35. congrats on the 700. and thanks for the contest. Oh the custom possibilities.......

  36. I love that Sunny card! Great work as always!

  37. Congrats on 700 posts! That Boggs is sweet!!! Thanks for the contest, I pimped it in today's post about the most recent PWE I received from you. Here's to the next 700!

  38. This is the first time posting on one of these baseball card blogs. I usually just lurk, but I can't pass up the chance for that Simpsons card. Great job on all of them. Congrats on 700 posts!

  39. Congrats on the milestone!Contest pimped on my site ;)

  40. Congratulations on 700 posts!

    I love the Simpsons custom, but the Cheers one is a close runner-up.... not sure which I'd pick if I won.

    As far as the custom I'd pick goes, that's a little easier - how about a Julia Stiles First Pitch insert?

  41. Congrats on 700. The custom custom idea is pretty cool - I'd have to think about it more:)

  42. rt and tagged a few collector buddies

  43. He sent back nine cards? How big was that check you sent him?

  44. Geez, bunch of people commenting here I've never seen before.

    Congrats, good sir, and I'm just here for the pretty girls. Somebody else can have Simpson-ized Boggs.

  45. Congrats. I'd pick the Cheers card. I'd give the Pretty Girls to NO. Retweeting this soon.

  46. I've never wanted anything as much as the Boggs Simpsons card.

  47. Congratulations on your posting milestone.

    I would select the Simpsons Wade Boggs and for a custom anything with Griffey would be awesome.

    I pimped your contest on my blog:

  48. That Simpsons custom is an all-timer. Outstanding. I'd probably have to go wrestling for my custom choice. Either my favorite wrestler ever Booker T or my eternal wrestling crush "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock. It could go either way.

  49. Those customs are pretty awesome! Congrats on 700, to 700 more! (yes, I'm new here, just getting into online card trading)

    pimped on twitter, @stetsonaw

  50. I'm all over the Wade Boggs/Simpsons card.
    Browse my baseball card collection here. I'm not a big spender, but I am just getting back into the hobby:

  51. I'm in, and like a good number of other commenters, the Simpsons card is my favorite.

    1. Also, promoted it here:

  52. Wow, 700 seems like an awful lot of posts. Kudos to you! You can never go wrong with The Simpsons.

    Here's the link to the contest mention:

  53. Congrats on the post and awesome customs! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more.

  54. Great ttm offering and congrats on 700.

  55. Congrats on 700, that Simpsons card is awesome!