Thursday, February 11, 2016

more custom minis

Custom minis are fun to make. I've been using a standard, simple design for my 2016 minis that really streamlines the process. They're quick and easy. Another plus is they don't use as much paper and ink as standard sized cards. I like to have an assortment on hand as fodder to throw into trades and sales as a little bonus.

A few trader buddies of mine are Braves collectors, so I was overdue to make a custom featuring the team. And who better to pick than the greatest home run hitter of all time. This Hank Aaron minor league card (that never was) from his days in Jacksonville came out ok. It's not my best colorization job, but good enough. I hadn't realized Henry originally came up as a second baseman.

Following up my Ted Williams PCL Padres Goudey custom, here's another unfamiliar uniform for the Splendid Splinter. Ted was focused on serving his country during his stint in the war, but he did find a little downtime to play for the Navy's ball team. I'm really happy with how this one turned out, with the menacing sky behind him. [HT] The original photo cropt off the top of the bat, but I think I did a good job of recreating it in photoshop. As for where the "Y" in his jersey went.. who knows, that's how the original photo is.

I think I've made more Ken Griffey, Jr customs than any other player. What can I say, he's the modern day Cardboard King. This "Old Kid" image is from when he recently reprised his '89 UD pose for a Macklemore video. Perhaps the more obvious choice would be to make an '89 UD custom with the picture, but I just slapped it onto a mini instead.

That's it for today. More in the works. As always, copies of these are available for trade. If one of them caught your eye, you should at least mention you like it in the comments, and it'll likely wind up in the next batch of cards I send you!


  1. Love the Griffey. Not much of a Macklemore fan at all - the only good things that came out of that video were the Griffey reprisal and Eric McNally's reemergence.

  2. As a Navy vet that Ted is sweet. Nice designs.


  4. Love the Splinter. Got my package the other day with a Hank, thanks!