Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thinning out some unwanted teams / USPS jacks up their rates again

Seems many of us on the cardsphere are often looking to downsize our collections a bit, and I'm no exception!

I recently finished up a big sort of my tradeables and I'm looking to thin out several teams for which I don't have active trade buddies.

Blue Jays

I'm looking to fill up small flat-rate Priority Mail boxes (which seem to fit ~250 cards) to lighten up my unwanted card inventory. Like, a box each of those teams listed. In exchange, I'd love the cost of shipping (US only), or a rough equivalent of cards on my wantlist. Really I just want to rid myself of these cards and still cover the cost of postage and paypal fee. With me still being unemployed, I can't quite offer to give them away for completely free.

Did you guys know USPS rates went up again recently? I don't recall hearing anybody talking about it on the blogs. A small flat-rate Priority Mail box used to cost $5.85 to mail, I believe, and now it's jumped to $6.80. A standard small package used to cost like $2.32 and now it's $2.54.

So that kinda sucks. I had already been sending about 90% of my card mailings out via PWE, and now I'll definitely try to stick to "letter" rates if possible rather than sending packages.

Anyways, yeah I guess I'm asking for, say, 10 bucks (or a few good cards I'd like) for a one-team "dimebox" grab-bag of those teams listed above. Don't expect mega hits, but plenty of decent cards, I promise.

I could also fill a box with football cards (various teams together in one box). I might be able to fill a 2nd box with just Chargers cards.

Let me know if you can help take some cards off my hands!

Save me from all the Marlins! Lots of my Giancarlo dupes.
Drop me an email or comment if you're interested. Thanks!


  1. If you find a Marlins collector I want in too... Relics, autos, base, inserts. So many Marlins in my household and I want virtually none of them.

    1. Seriously, I'm jumping on this ship too. I don't think there is a single Marlins baseball card collector in the entire universe.

    2. DIdn't there used to be one back in the day? Some dude named Ortega or something. Been a while since I saw him though, and he didn't really like lower end as much.

    3. Stay away from Ortega if he happens to reach out to any of you. He stiffed me on a really big trade including a few autos and relics and a Gary Carter one on one printing plate. I sent cards to him and he never return the favor nor did he respond to my emails

  2. Yes ,I had to drop 7 and change on a box about the same size.It's crazy!
    Man ,I have no use for those Marlins cards but If you have an extra Mike Stanton RC you want to get rid of,let me know ;)

  3. They raised the rates, and, in my opinion, are getting picky about single stamped PWEs. I have never had one come back to me until this year, when I've had to re-stamp and re-send 3.

  4. Here's another idea for everyone. The P.O. has a priority poster box (just had one sent to me. Trader paid 6.90 in postage. It didnt weigh anything, so if there isn't a weight charged like with the flat rates, it looks like it can hold at least 1000-1500 cards stacked vertically. Next time i'm inside the P.O. I will try to remember to ask. But, in case one of you are going soon, ask, find out, share.

  5. I'll take any Jays off your hands...

    1. But you're in Canada, right? That kinda makes shipping that quantity of cards cost-prohibitive, sorry to say.

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    3. I am in Canada, yes..

      I know what you mean about cost.. Priority shipping to the States with tracking is $33 to the US from here.. Regular mail I get for about $10..

  6. I am getting ready to do the same thing, I may be moving in a couple of months and I would rather not take a couple of thousand cards I don't want, I just need to get off my butt and organize what I have to ship out.

  7. If I think of anyone, I will let you know

  8. Send me an email at
    We have traded before. I might be interested in those Marlins and maybe a custom card.

  9. A's fan / collector here... happy to help anyone out. What's the best email for me to get in touch?