Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Awesomeness is a Virtue

Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop was the lucky winner of my latest contest (for the Stranger Things customs), and while he definitely didn't have to, he very kindly sent me a thank you gift:

Ka-Boom! It's not often you get surprised with a card of that magnitude. And I know Daniel is a huge Dbacks/Goldy fan, so for him to part with this card says a lot!

Paul Goldschmidt 2014 Five Star auto Rainbow Foil parallel #'d 12/25. Christmas Card of a top tier guy I collect: direct bulls-eye for my collection! Thanks so much, Daniel!

He even threw a few Gavin Floyd cards along for the ride. Sweet!

Again, huge thanks, man! I really appreciate it.

-  - -- ---o

I also recently got a great package from Mark Hoyle.

Check it out! 1939 Play Ball #60 Schoolboy Rowe Detroit Tigers RC. I sure love getting neat old pre-war (or thereabouts) vintage cards. Mark told me he recently came into a lot of Play Ball cards and ended up with a few extras to spread around. He picked this one to send me because Schoolboy Rowe has San Diego ties, finishing his pitching career in 1950 with a stint on the PCL Padres. Very cool.

As for the Yaz.. could you fill me in, Mark? The back is a standard "peel here" sticker thing, with no real identification or anything. The corners are perfectly sharp, so I'm assuming this isn't a true vintage sticker..? Regardless, it's a nice addition to my Yaz PC.

Some Sox, with a 2016 Paw Sox pocket schedule featuring Travis Shaw and Mookie Betts. Plus a Bowman card of current Padre Manuel Margot.

Goldy makes his second appearance of the post, this time on a 2016 National Baseball Card Day card I had been hoping someone would send me. Also a Dick Williams senior league card and a Garry Templeton tattoo, great oddball additions to those respective PCs.

While I try to limit my collection to cards-only, I make exceptions for top-tier dudes I collect, and Dick Allen is definitely one of them. Terrific to add these vintage Sports Illustrated magazines to my collection. The one on the left is a badass photo of Allen juggling in the dugout whilst a cigarette dangles from his mouth. And the issue on the right features a cover photo from his one year in St. Louis. Dick Allen as a Cardinal is something you don't see very often these days. Love it!

Great stuff.. huge thanks, Mark! I just dropped a package off for you the other day, so expect it soon.

Thanks again to Daniel and Mark.. a couple of the cardsphere's awesomest mofos and we're lucky to have them in our little community.


  1. The Yaz sticker is a 1983 Starliner. Don't know much else about set. It was pretty small and most of the images match the 1967 Dexter Press set. Glad you enjoyed the S.I.'s.

  2. Very nice Christmas Card! I would imagine my mail day to you will arrive soon!

  3. I saw that SI with Allen in a Cardinals uniform a few months ago at the flea market. I didn't realize he played in St. Louis and almost picked up the magazine just for the article. I think the guy wanted $5 per issue, so I put it back down.

  4. It was hard to part with, but I'm glad it's in your collection now.