Thursday, October 27, 2016

Topps lost and confused at the 2016 All-Star Game

All the gimmicky error variations purposefully put into Heritage, yet the real errors in flagship go by uncorrected. These days, I think it'd take a full-on "fuck face" situation for Topps to bother correcting an error. When was the last time there was an error card that wasn't just left uncorrected?

Anyways, here are a couple unintentional errors in 2016 Topps Update.

Poor Matt Wieters. He finally concedes and signs with Topps, then they punk him like a bitch immediately.

That's not Matt Wieters next to Edwin Encarnacion. I believe it's Brad Brach.

I'm sure everytime a kid hands Matt this card to sign, he'll regret his decision and curse Topps' name.

And another one..

Not sure who that is, but it definitely isn't Wil Myers.
(Update: thanks to Marcus for the heads-up that it's actually Padres manager Andy Green.)

And Wil is a guy I collect, so I "need" this joke of a card. Shit.

I get that the brown and gold uniforms are distracting, but come on. Have somebody to proofread the cards who actually knows what players look like. Getty mislabels photos sometimes, so you can't just blindly take their word for it. Step it up, Topps!

Update: Kerry pointed me to the Getty pics which are also mislabeled. Here and here. So while this is originally a Getty Fail, it's also a Topps Fail for not catching the obvious mistakes.

p.s. Maybe I'm hypersensitive to Topps Fails today because I received a Topps Vault order and got the wrong card (bought a Gavin Floyd 1/1 and instead received Dillon Gee.. Grrrr.. not cool!)
Update: They've been cool about a return/exchange, so I should hopefully end up with the correct card soon.


  1. Gee, that's terrible! My brother once got Joe Vavra (a Twins bench coach) to sign a Mike Cubbage card because Vavra didn't have a card of his own.
    If I was an auto hound, I would try to get Andy Green's auto on the Myers card, and Encarnacion on Wieters'.

  2. I got curious and looked on eBay for other Update Wieters cards. After years of unlicensed cards which showed him in catcher's gear to cover up the logos, his base card and relic insert show him in catcher's gear with the logos covered up (save for the Maryland state flag-inspired patch on the left sleeve which admittedly does say "BALTIMORE ORIOLES"). Somebody failed to take full advantage of the situation...

    O, the trials and tribulations of the Matt Wieters collector...

  3. Way to go, Topps! I was laughing at this entire post--until you got to your Gavin Floyd. That just plain sucks. I hope you can get Topps to take care of that for you.

  4. Those Padres BP jerseys are incredibly confusing from an identification standpoint. Although, it is a bit ironic that they should misidentify one of the guys who would normally wear Padres colors. Although, I guess that's one thing to get a manager card!

  5. Man its tough with so many unintended errors now. I like real errors

  6. Does the Gee card have him on the Mets?

    1. Nah, Royals. Sent it back today, via eBay pre-paid return postage.