Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Down to single digits with 1971 Topps

I've been aggressively working to finish off my 1971 Topps setbuild by the end of the year (because why not?). Counting several cards sitting in my COMC inventory (waiting for Black Friday free shipping), I'm now down to just 9 wants left.

1971 Topps needs as of 10/19/16:
648 Rookie Pitchers (Jon Matlack)
661 Chuck Tanner MG *
664 Rookie Pitchers (all named Reynolds!) *
680 Don Mincher
692 AL Rookie Pitchers
698 Brewers Team
724 Tom Tischinski
740 Luis Aparicio
750 Denny McLain

* Update: these two are now pending thanks to the generous mr. haverkamp!

If you can help out with any of these nebulous nine, in any condition, please let me know. I'll trade you generously! But let me know ASAP, because there's a card show this weekend, and I'll be on the hunt for these.

Currently in limbo is #751 Al Weis, which I won on eBay a couple weeks ago but hasn't shown up yet. :/ Might have to get a refund there. Update: this card finally showed up the day after originally posting this!

Anyhoo, let's check out a couple highlights of my recent pickups that are currently in-hand.

#700 Boog Powell is a nice card. I mocked up an "If they were full-bleed" version last year.

This is a great looking Dave Cash card. He's about to smack the little man off the All-Star Rookie trophy.

Once I finish the set, I'll have to decide if I want to try to upgrade some of those lower condition cards. When I started this project, I declared I wouldn't bother trying to upgrade at all, since those black borders make it a frustrating set to complete in "high grade" and it would suck the fun out for me to have to worry about that stuff. I think perhaps I'll eventually try upgrading stuff like writing/marking and really bad creases/rips and ridiculously miscut cards. But as far as typical rough corners/edges, off-centeredness, and minor creases, nah, that's fine with me. So Dave Cash there is safe in my set despite being far from mint.

And of course the 1971 Ron Cey #753. Oh wait, sorry, no, that's not a real card.. it's for a different project. A gcrl thing. I bet Night Owl wouldn't mind getting thrown a copy of this one, as well.

Well, thanks for visiting, the few of you guys who will read this admittedly not very exciting post.


  1. '71 Topps and a custom of the Penguin? It's about the most exciting post I've ever seen here!

  2. That's awesome. Early congratulations.

  3. That's awesome. Early congratulations.

  4. The 71 set is one of my favorites. While double checking want lists on my 59, 65, 68, 73 Topps sets, I was flipping through my 71 set and realized—HOLY CRAP—I am missing a card. Grabbed one Jim Maloney off of eBay to finally finish what I thought was a finished set. I wish I had at least one extra of the above to help but no go. Good luck this weekend!

  5. Looking at your list, I believe I have an extra 1983 Topps Traded Julio Franco. Drop me a line at shanewkatz at gmail dot com

  6. Ok last comment but I'll shoot you an email, off your 65 Topps list I have so far 270, 425, 427, 543. For your 64 Set I have so far 60, 65.

  7. Congrats on the almost completion of the set.

  8. Dang. fashion shoes beat me to a comment. I'm sorry, but I don't have any of those that you're look for. I'd pass them your way if I did. Happy card showing.

  9. Have a huge show in a couple of weeks. I'll keep an eye out