Saturday, October 22, 2016

Card Show Haul: Vintage

Pretty solid card show haul today. Let's check out my vintage pickups. Unfortunately I came up empty with my dwindling 1971 needs, which was my main goal (I found 3 cards I needed, but not at the price I was hoping for, so I'll probably try my luck on eBay).

My biggest pickup of the day was this Tony Perez RC SP for my 1965 Topps setbuild.

The Podres was another nice addition. That was a buck while Ron Brand was 50¢. Thanks to these 3 cards, I'm now at an even 70% complete with 1965, plus I've got a few more additions on the way via trade.

37.5% complete with 1964 Topps now thanks to these 10.

I'm not working on 1959, but I know some of my trader buddies are, so I picked up a few colorful names with the intention of rehoming them before long.

And some PC pickups for me.

I'll be showing off more of my haul throughout this coming week. See ya then.

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