Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paul Molitor PC

Let's take a look at my Paul Molitor player collection. He's a guy I've liked collecting since my childhood stint in the hobby. He put up some big numbers during his career, and seemed to have a lot of fun playing the game. Maybe not a top tier PC of mine, but I'd like to get him into my Hundred Card Club one of these days, so let's take a look at how close I am.

I've got a couple copies of his 1979 Topps card, with one being a neat miscut "variation."

Putting together this post, I've discovered my 1978 Topps RC with which he shares top billing with Alan Trammel is AWOL. I bought it in 2013 in my very first COMC order for seven bucks. Man, I hope it turns up one of these days.. love that card.

Here's what I've got from the early 80s. Still need his 1980 Topps and several Donruss and Fleer cards.

Wow, turns out I've got a lot of mainstream holes in the PC from 1987 and 1988.. and hell, I don't have any 1986 Molitor cards! ..wouldn't have guessed that prior to sorting the PC for this post. The only thing here not somewhat an oddball is the '88 DK.


Lots of cards from 1990, with only Score missing from the main sets that year.

1991. Donruss and Fleer are the notably absent cards here.

Looks like 1992 is pretty well covered.

1993 gets into the Blue Jays years.

1994. Love the dufex.

Mid '90s (more Blue Jays cards).

Late '90s (Twins era). Turns out Paul is baseball's all-time leader for most games played while wearing uniform number 4. Wow! Eighteen of his 21 years as a player were spent suiting up as No. 4 (He wore 19 during his time on the Blue Jays... a tribute to his former teammate Robin Yount?). And he's tacking on more years in a #4 jersey as manager of the Twins these days.

Post-career cards from the decade of the '00s. Luke Appling, Duke Snider, Mel Ott, and Lou Gehrig are a few other big-name ballplayers to wear #4.

Here are my cards of The Ignitor from the current decade. Maybe I've got number 4 on my brain and am posting this PC today, June 15th, because, well.. it's Baseball Card Breakdown's 4th anniversary! Pretty cool, huh? I'm not expecting this post to get all that many hits. If you're reading this, you're probably either a big Paul Molitor fan or just a reader who clicks on pretty much whatever I post, trusting it'll be worth a couple minutes of your time. And I know your time is valuable, so I appreciate that!

And the hits! Hey, keep it on the downlow, but in celebration of #4, let's quietly round up some readers who want to play a big fun game. If you want to play, leave a comment below with the exact phrase, "Man, that Molitor PC makes me tingly!" Well, ok, it doesn't have to be that exact phrase; you can use a word other than tingly if you want. But the exclamation point is a must. Instant disqualification if there's no exclamation point. Sorry, Jays fans, must have a US address to play due to postage concerns. I don't even have all the goodies sorted out and numbered yet, but there will be some good stuff up for grabs. Update: the cutoff for getting in on this will likely be by the end of today, 6/15.

I forgot to snap a shot of a cardback with lifetime stats, so yoinked this one from COMC. Very nice career.

By my count, I've got 93 unique Paul Molitor cards in the PC (plus a couple more floating around somewhere).. pretty close to my goal.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy anniversary! Yours was one of the first I started reading on a regular basis and Im pretty sure the first I entered into my blogroll. That was three years ago now so I can't be 100% sure though. I'll play as long as I don't have to run one myself, all my money is being set aside for something special that's not card related. But man, that Molitor pc makes me tingly!!!!

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  3. "Man, that Molitor PC makes me
    tingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I love collecting his cards. I do not have the new Donruss Originals. Good-looking card! I've made a lot of progress with my player collections. I'll be happy to send along my dupes as soon as next month but you will probably have the 7 you need by then! Did I mention tingly? I removed my first comment because it wasn't tingly enough.

  4. Always appreciated Molitor. I don't know if it's completely true, but man, that Molitor pc makes me tingly!!!!

  5. The Igniter! or "Ignitor" if you will.

    Nice collection! Gives me the tingles from the floorboards to my shingles.

    I will be sorting my Minnesota "M" players in the near future, I'll set aside any Double Mollys.

  6. "Man, that Molitor PC makes me tingly!"

  7. Man, that Molitor PC makes me tingly! I had a pc of him as well. He was my favorite non-dodger for quite a while. I also like those donruss originals cards that would have been very much.

  8. Molitor as a Blue Jay--- 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Man that Molitor Pc makes me tingly! Lets get it on my friend!

  10. Solid PC!
    BTW I did send you an e-mail on Monday titled "1000 Post Contest" It will be from Tyler.

  11. Man, that Molitor PC really tickles my fancy!

  12. That's a lot of Molitor cards! Hope you find that rookie card eventually.

    Btw... seeing all of those 80's Molitors got me thinking that he resembles Timothy Dalton (James Bond). Anyone else see the resemblance?

    1. I got your back - I totally see the Dalton resemblance!

  13. I've started picking up more Molitors as of late, he's a fun guy to collect: in makes me tingly!!!! (The '91 Score is a particular favorite of mine.)

    Congrats on four years!

  14. That is one bad ass Molitor collection!

    Congratulations on your 4th blogiversary!

  15. I saw "likely" and you're probably still sleeping cause I wake at an ungodly hour. I've always liked those Die-cuts from (2013?), and that Molitor is especially nice. In fact, I'd venture that it gives me a slight tingle every time I see it!!

  16. "Man, that Molitor PC makes me tingly!" Today is the 16th, shucks. But hey I am actually home in FL this very minute. Molitor is a PC guy of mine too. I have hundreds of dupes I can DUMP on you, maybe you can squeeze your 7 out of there.

  17. okay that was too easy, didn't have to go more than a handful, you have a little more than a dozen Molitors coming your way.

  18. Same, here, hope I'm not too late on the east coast. Can we say. . . Molitor slides in just in time!

  19. Alright.. think I gotta cut it off there. Thanks, everyone!