Monday, February 19, 2018

1984 Fleer and 1983 Topps wantlists

I recently swung another trade with friendly reader Larry in Alabama, leaving me with very manageable lists of needs for 1983 Topps and 1984 Fleer.

1984 Fleer needs: (UPDATE: 1984 Fleer is now complete!!)
17 Cal Ripken (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
46 Pete Rose (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
48 Mike Schmidt (thanks, Turrdog!)
93 Milt Wilcox (thanks, Kyle D!)
131 Don Mattingly (thanks, Larry!)
143 Dave Winfield (thanks, Turrdog!)
215 Don Sutton (thanks, Turrdog!)
239 Nolan Ryan (thanks, Tim W.)
298 Dave Dravecky (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
392 Wade Boggs (thanks, Turrdog!)
439 Tom Burgmeier (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
447 Rickey Henderson (thanks, Fred!)
504 Ryne Sandberg (thanks, Turrdog!)
514 Doug DeCinces (thanks, Turrdog!)
520 Reggie Jackson (thanks, Turrdog!)
595 Tom Seaver (thanks, Turrdog!)
638 George Brett/Gaylord Perry HL (thanks, Turrdog!)
641 Gaylord Perry HL (thanks, Tim W.)
642 Steve Carlton HL (thanks, Turrdog!)

Definitely a do-able list left here, though some big names, with the Mattingly RC being the toughest one.

1983 Topps needs: (UPDATE: 1983 Topps is now complete!!)
30 Jim Rice (thanks, Turrdog!)
55 Mookie Wilson (thanks, Turrdog!)
60 Johnny Bench (thanks, Turrdog!)
70 Steve Carlton (thanks, Turrdog!)
71 Steve Carlton SV (thanks, Kyle D!)
83 Ryne Sandberg (thanks, Turrdog!)
100 Pete Rose (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
101 Pete Rose SV (thanks, Turrdog!)
125 Leon Durham (thanks, Turrdog!)
146 Don Sutton SV (thanks, Kyle D!)
163 Cal Ripken Jr. (thanks, Larry!)
180 Rickey Henderson (thanks, Matt Prigge!)
200 Rod Carew (thanks, Larry!)
201 Rod Carew SV (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
280 Bert Blyleven (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
350 Robin Yount (thanks, Turrdog!)
360 Nolan Ryan (thanks, Turrdog!)
371 Mike Richardt (thanks, John H!)
390 Reggie Jackson AS (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
393 Carlton Fisk AS (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
397 Pete Rose AS (thanks, Kyle D!)
401 Dale Murphy AS (thanks, Turrdog!)
406 Steve Carlton AS (thanks, Kyle D!)
421 Al Oliver SV (thanks, Turrdog!)
422 George Cappuzzello (thanks, Turrdog!)
463 Gaylord Perry (thanks, Turrdog!)
464 Gaylord Perry SV (thanks, Turrdog!)
498 Wade Boggs (thanks, Turrdog!)
566 Manny Sarmiento (thanks, GCA!)
610 Steve Garvey (thanks, Turrdog!)
652 Butch Hobson (thanks, GCA!)
699 Lee Smith (thanks, mr haverkamp!)
702 Reggie Jackson, Gorman Thomas, Dave Kingman LL (thanks, GCA!)
705 Steve Carlton, LaMarr Hoyt LL (thanks, GCA!)
771 Kent Hrbek, Bobby Castillo TL (thanks, John H!)
786 Ralph Houk (thanks, GCA!)
788 Dane Iorg (thanks, GCA!)
789 Bryan Clark (thanks, John H!)
792 Chris Chambliss (thanks, Kyle D!)

Still a healthy stack of missing '83s here, but a good starting place to officially count this as a set I'm working on. The big 3 rookies weren't included, though I happened to have an extra Gwynn, so can check that off, and I've got a Boggs RC in the Chickenman PC that I could reluctantly pull out if I must, so really the key need for me here is the Sandberg.

My plan is to not make spreadsheets for these sets, but rather I'll update this post crossing off cards as I get them. Please get in touch regarding a trade if you can help me out.

Had a fun holiday weekend at the coast. It was chilly, and the snowy drive through the mountains to get there was a little dicey, but otherwise great weekend. Annie got lots of quality playing in.


  1. Been trying to jettison all my 80's Fleer, tks for helping me out!

    found these -
    84F: 17,46,298,439
    83T: 100,201,280,390,393,699

    Will send 'em out by the end of the week, if you open up any new Heritage in a few weeks, set a few aside for me.

  2. Once you get done trading and you just want to wrap it up, you have to check Card Barrel (formerly Just Commons). I go there before COMC or Sportlots.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  3. I've got an 800 count box of extra 83's, I'll check 'em out..

  4. Hey Gavin,
    Here's what I have and can send it along tomorrow:
    1984 Fleer - 48(Schmidt), 143(Winfield), 215(Sutton), 392(Boggs), 504(Sandberg), 514, 520(Reggie), 595(Seaver), 638(Brett, Perry HL), 642(Carlton HL)

    1983 Topps - 30 (Rice), 55, 60 (Bench), 70 (Carlton), 83 (Sandberg), 101 (Rose SV), 125, 350 (Yount), 360 (Ryan), 401, 421, 422, 463 (Perry), 464 (Perry SV), 498 (Boggs), 610

    Let me know if you still need all these!