Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tim B. brings the big guns

Tim B. of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning answered my call last month when I was trying to get a flurry of trade packages out before postage rates crept up. I had a decent little handful of cards set aside for him, but he really outdid himself with his return package. Hit a lot of bulls-eyes for my collection. I showed off a solid lot of 2011 Topps parallels yesterday, and now here's the rest of the goods.

Kirby's 1985 Topps rookie card was sorely lacking from my expanding PC of the guy, so this really hit the spot. I feel like '85 Topps has been growing on me over the past few years, and I might have to add it to my list of possible future setbuilds.

McCovey McChristmas Card!

Chicken Man Christmas Card!

A couple more cards off my Desperate Double Dozen. The Maas RC is card that I remember as one of my "best" cards for a while as a kid, but after he turned out to be a bust, I got rid of it in the purge when I moved out of state years back. So, nice to get that one back since restarting the PC.

The Denson was a need for the Pride PC. I've got the Chrome version of it, and even a couple autos of it, but the regular ol' base "paper" was elusive.

Four cards for consideration in the "We Didn't Start the Fire" binder! It'll be a tough call for me whether to swap out the vintage Beatles card currently in it for the Panini Golden Age card.

Nice Gwynn lot here.

Some Padres parallels. The Dickerson is a vintage stock parallel, and really makes the other cards feel like crap in comparison.

And let's close out with some attractive lady wrestlers. As I mention pretty much every time I feature wrestling cards on my blog, I don't follow the sport, but occasionally get smitten by a cutie and am compelled to collect her cards a little, such as with AJ Lee and Alexa Bliss here.

This 2015 Topps WWE - NXT Prospects card is apparently a "pre-rookie" card, like the equivalent of a 1st Bowman Card. So that's pretty sweet. Looks like that was before her character got developed much. Very nice to get some quality cards of hers to go with the auto I picked up a while back.

Huge thanks for the impressive trade package, Tim!


  1. Nice cards, especially the first and last. The '85 Topps set might be my favorite set of the 80's (excluding 89UD of course)and that "pre-rookie" Alexa Bliss card is sweet indeed.

    I can't wait to see your completed "We Didn't Start The Fire" project. It's one of the most unique card collecting concepts I've seen.

  2. Glad to be able to help with a few of your needs! Thanks for another great trade, I'll be writing about my end really soon.

  3. I agree about the throwback parallels. They make the regular flagship cards feel subpar.

  4. And a cameo Becky Lynch, too.

    Sigh....Becky Lynch.

  5. Alexa is pretty fine. I'm the same way with Paige cards. Didn't watch wresting, but caught a few episodes of Total Divas. Also have some Eva Maries and used to like Candice Michelle too.

  6. Tim's always been an insanely generous guy in the few times I've traded with him. That's a heck of a trade package right there! My dad handed down a few random '85 Topps cards he had to me when I was a kid (still not sure how he got them), and surprisingly enough the Puckett RC was in there. It's always been a personal favorite of mine because it mentions that Kirby attended Triton College on the back -- a community college about 10 minutes from where I live.

  7. 1985 Topps is a great set... with a stacked rookie card checklist: Puckett, Clemens, Gooden, McGwire, Davis, Saberhagen, and Pendleton. I say go for it!