Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Out Ta Get Me

Been hidin' out and layin' low with a nasty cold for the past few days, but now I'm playing catch-up with a jumbo trade recap post. Yep, my trader buds have been out ta get me closer to finishing up some classic sets.

Turrdog has hooked me up with some great cards in the past, but may have outdone himself this time. Along with the Gwynn I already had, this pair knocks off the Big 3 rookies in 1983 Topps.

And lots of starpower here, too.

And he crossed off a bunch of my remaining 1984 Fleer needs with these 10 HOFers.

Big thanks, Turrdog! I'll do my best to round up some thank-you cards soon.

-  - -- --o

Next up is GCA.

Another nice lot of '83 Topps needs.

Some guys I collect, with Dewys and a Puckett and Madlock (had the Madlock in the PC, but needed one for the '87 Fleer Update build).

But the real star of GCA's package was the onslaught of Bo Jackson cards. He's got a pretty legit Bo PC and was able to dig up a bunch of dupes I could use.

Great selection from various sets.

Thanks a lot, GCA! I'll hit you back with some cards right away.

-   - - ---o

Next up is good ol' mr. haverkamp lending a helping hand again.

Ripken and Rose were big ones to cross off the '84 Fleer list.

A bunch of good '83 Topps cards too. I'm really nearing the finish line with these 2 sets now! My updated wantlists can be found on this post.

Jim also found some '64 Topps needs for me. Slowly creeping up to 50% complete there.

And a Mad Dog. Had this in my '80 Topps set, but now here's one for the PC.

Thanks as always, mr haverkamp! Just let me know if I can ever return the favor!

-  - - ---o

Next up is a package from Paul at Scribbled Ink, who recently sent out a bunch of cards in conjunction with a contest he ran while pissed at Miguel Cabrera for pulling out of the Tigers preseason fan event.

Love the "1/1"! That shiny Hank is a beauty too. And the thrill of receiving Aaron Judge cards in trade hasn't worn off for me quite yet.

And a nice lot for my Marquis Grissom PC.

Also a couple cards for my '64 setbuild. Already had the Dalrymple, but needed the Boozer. Cheers!

Great stuff.. thanks, Paul!

-  -  - ---o

And here's a surprise mailing from Bru at Remember the Astrodome.

He sent me some Padres 8x10s from the late 80s, highlighted by Gwynn and Robby. (UPDATE: These are 1989 T&M oversized 8x10 cards.)

Thanks for thinking of me, Bru. I'll shoot some Astros your way soon.

- - ---o

Last package for today comes via the Lost Collector.

Solid assortment of 2018 Topps Padres. Didn't have any of these yet.

And some older Padres cards, highlighted by a Caminiti trio.

But the gem of the package was this manurelic (that Topps erroneously refers to as a patch) of young slugger Rhys Hoskins. My first "hit" of the guy, it's a blue parallel, numbered /99 on the back.

Thanks a lot for the trade, AJ!

-  - ---o

Bummer. Looks like there should have been one more mailing in this post, but the mystery sender skimped on the postage. Hopefully I end up with it sooner or later.

Take that one to heart! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Uh oh, hope that postage due isn’t from the other one I sent your way! If it is, let me know and I’ll Paypal you. Whoops!

  2. Lots and lots of star power in those packages.

  3. That's a lot of great trade packages!

  4. Nice EFF Miggy 1 of 1. That Gwynn 8x10 is pretty cool too. 83T is such an awesome set. I addition to the solid rookies, they had a great design and did a pretty good job on photo selection. My favorites are the Lee Smith and Steve Carlton. Great looking, well cropped action shots.