Thursday, February 8, 2018

Minor League Classics

Moore recent minor league pickups.

Legend Jim Moore. Very happy to add this iconic card to my collection.

Julio Franco still had a few decades left in his career at the time.

This horribly-designed card can't decide what's the correct orientation. Nice addition to my Crime Dog PC, all the same. Dale Holman was a decent hitter in the minors but never made the show, sadly. Fred McGriff belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Baby Benito.

HOFer pre-rookie! I already had a couple Trevor Hoffman minor league cards from back when he was an infielder. This is a transitionary card for him, with the position listed as pitcher, but still with hitter stats on the back.

(I got an extra copy of this and am giving it away on my Padres Breakdown Twitter account. Also a couple more cards in this post in my main twitter account. Follow and RT to enter.)

I've mentioned before, but I still consider Pete Rose, Jr the top-rated prospect in MLB. The second coming of Pete Rose?! Slam dunk! Sign me up!

I've got a mess of Dick Cummings on my hands after this recent load from a seller with a huge minor league selection. Seemin' to me that the 1992 card is a Junior? (Or else Dick really shaped up over those few years.) According to Linkedin, Dick Cummings (II?) is still sticking around inside the Cubs' organization today.

Thanks for reading this shit.


  1. I think it's actually the same Dick Cummings. Good for him, getting presumably healthier.

  2. There's no way that's the same Dick Cummings. It's either junior or they used the wrong photo. I'm betting on the wrong photo theory. The back says 5-7 and 245... that guy may be 5-7, but he's not 5-7 AND 245.

  3. Aw man, I need one of those Julio Francos for my PC! Neat stuff. Big Jim is classic.

  4. I LOL'd at "I've got a mess of Dick Cummings on my hands after this recent load." That's an all-time great/horrible name right there.

    1. FDLMAO. I just got that. I think it is the same guy, who lost weight, and they didn't update the weight on the 92' card.

  5. "Dick Cummings (II?) is still sticking...."

    Nailed it!

  6. If that's the same guy... then kudos to him. That's pretty impressive.

  7. That Jim Moore needs to be on the Mt. Rushmore of cards along with the '89 Fleer Billy Ripken, '96 Score Bip Roberts (wearing a sombrero), and '93 Stadium Club Oscar Azocar (hugging his bat).