Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dimebox Debauchery

Had to keep things tight at the card show this morning, as I had a noontime appointment. Got in and did my thing; picked up some cool cards. Two purchases: first a stack from Bill's 7-for-$5 bins, then dropped them off at the car and rested my back for a couple minutes, then went back and hit his dimeboxes. Today's post will feature the latter haul.

Much of my time was spent squinting my eyes at the tiny text indicating "class" (1, 2, or 3) on 2017 Topps Gold Label cards. I generally tried to stay away from the more plentiful Class 1, but gobbled up Class 2 and 3 cards, especially a ten cents apiece. Perhaps my best score of the day was this class 3 black parallel Anthony Rizzo, which according to "book value" (current best price on COMC) is a $9.25 card.

More Rizzo and fellow Cubs. Some of these Gold Label cards are really suffering from curvature already. In a couple more years, they'll be cardboard taquitos.

More Gold Label. Oops.. Got an extra Reggie if any trader buds want me to set it aside for them.

A couple 2017 Stadium Club cards.

Blue Fire is very hot. Like a welding torch. P-town Tom, do you need that Ryne?

I've quietly started a little Joey Votto PC recently. Feel free to send me your Vottos.

#1 Padres Prospect Fernando Tatis Jr!! I already had that International Ink card, but for a dime, I'll do some "prospecting investing" and add another.

A couple pudgy legends from the protective coating era. I might already have the Gwynns, which if so means I get the tactile pleasure of peeling off the protector. One peeled and one unpeeled equal two unique cards for me.

So incredibly shiny!!

Plucked a couple neat vintage cards out of the dimeboxes. The '71 Sparky is a seventh series high-number (#688).. cheapest one on COMC right now is $8.24, right up there with the Rizzo at the top of the post for my best score of the day, even considering the worn edges.

Cards from some mid-80s sets I'm gearing up to build one of these days. In fact, expect a 1984 Fleer wantlist from me sometime this coming week.. just got a big lot of them in from a trade the other day.

Pops and Macho Man.

Some dudes I collect. The Bonds is serial numbered (out of 9799, but it still counts!)

Really, though, I will pretty much never turn down serial-numbered cards for 10¢. Even if they don't quite fit in my collection, they make for good trade fodder. Most of these are /499.

That's it for today. I'll show off the other part of my card show haul in a few days. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Geez, that Sparky for only ten cents sure was a steal!

  2. I couldn’t get anywhere near those dime boxes. Too many dudes in the way, as usual.

    1. Yeah, when I first showed up about 9:30, it was pretty packed. Had to bide my time thumbing thru football for a while (gag! But scored a couple cards for SCC and Bob Walk). Eventually it thinned out, and around 10:30 I had the baseball dimeboxes all to myself for a while.

    2. I saw football and scc and just HaD to smile

    3. Yeah, picked up a #'d Eli or two for you. Nearly picked up a Giants booklet for you (forget who the player was), but didn't pull the trigger. Maybe next month if it's still there.

    4. Awesome. Love booklets no matter the player. Thanks!

  3. I wished I had card shows with .10 bins. I would be there all day trying to full my 90's sets

  4. I have yet to find a copy of that '71 Sparky for myself, and I know I've never seen one priced at anywhere near a dime.

  5. I haven't seen those Gold Labels. Pretty nice.

  6. Duh... duh... duh... dang bruh! Sweet haul. Love the pudgy legends in protective coating. That would have made a great title for this post.

  7. ten cent heaven! i need to hit up a show soon!!!