Friday, February 23, 2018

It's So Easy (card show recap)

It's so easy to build a tall stack of cards at the card show. Sometimes I have to police myself a little and be like, "Is this a guy I collect, or a card that would be appreciated by a trader buddy, or a killer deal I shouldn't pass up?" And if the answer's no, I (usually) put it back, even if it's a cool card that in a perfect world where money and space weren't an issue, I'd grab along with a ton more cards.

Here are some more cards that made the cut last weekend.

A nice lot of Kris Bryant cards.
Get ready for a bunch more 2017 Gold Label.

Some greats.

And yet more Gold Label. I wasn't joking the other day when I said I spend a lot of time at this show squinting at Gold Label cards trying to read the tiny text trying to find out which class they were, scoring a few class 2 and 3's.

A couple inserts of young Red Soxes.

Big Unit /199. Cutch /499.

Fine Young Padres! Margot /99.

Gold rookies and a Kellogg's Reggie will close us out for the day.

That'll do it. Thanks for reading and hope you have an easy weekend!


  1. Nice gold labels. I need to snag myself the Griffeys from the last couple of years

  2. That Nolan Ryan zip code card is sweet!

  3. Those Gold Labels are sweet especially the Hank Aaron's and the rest of those "Greats".

  4. Nice finds! I did rather like the look of 2017 Gold Label -- the black parallels especially pop. But my favorite from this post has to be the Kellogg's Reggie, because so few things in this hobby can top a Kellogg's Reggie.

  5. The 2017 Archives Bazooka inserts are flippin' awesome! I've gone back and forth a few times debating on whether or not I want to build that set.