Saturday, April 7, 2018

1964 and more from Red Cardboard

Yesterday I showed off the Neglected Hall of Famers custom set I made as part of a trade with Red Cardboard. Now here's what I got in return.

A fat stack of 1964 Topps for my setbuild!

Some of the bigger names in the lot. What's up with Dave McNally's cap? It's weird seeing anything other than a bird logo on a Orioles cap.

Many of the cards in the bunch were in "upgradeable" condition, with this pair being the worst, but I'm still happy to check them off my list and I'll worry about upgrading them down the line.

Matt's lot of ~70 cards took me from 51% complete all the way up to 61% complete! (If it weren't for the pesky high-numbers of the 6th and 7th series, I'd be at like 90%.)

And he kindly threw in some recent PC additions too..

While I don't have much interest in today's Donruss, I sure am a sucker for a shiny parallel/insert.

Nice selection of Trouts.

Love the Mookie.

Thanks again for the trade, Matt!


  1. Good spot on McNally's cap. Apparently they wore that only in '63, and only at home. It's the only cap in Orioles history that doesn't have a bird (well, probably with the exception of any pre-Orioles throwbacks or some other one-off).

  2. There is a 2nd "B" hat/cap in Baltimore's history:

    Go down to the "Too Good for the Ticker" section. Photographic evidence states the O's created a old English "B" cap and helmet in the 50's, but no images appear of them wearing it in a game. Just promotional images have turned up, so this may be a design created, but scrapped before the season started.

    Or not. Just spent about 2 hours down a rabbit hole and submitted an email to Paul at UW. Looks like the English B's were used in games. At least one.

  3. That Mookie is cool. The 1984 Donruss Action All Stars was a fun product to rip open.