Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Card Show Catchup

Been meaning to get around to doing a post featuring the rest of my pickups at the March monthly card show, just dragged my feet cranking it out. These were all from the 3/$1 bins.

Christian Villanueva gets top billing thanks to his awesome display yesterday jacking three home runs and helping my Padres finally win a game in 2018. I hope he stays hot and has a breakout year.

And speaking of Christian Villanueva cards, it's not in hand yet, but last night I bought his 2013 Bowman Chrome mini black refractor (Christmas Card!) on COMC. It's kind of fun to search for a "nobody" player on COMC right when he does something spectacular, and refresh the page every few minutes and watch the prices climb and cards sell.

Here's another 2013 blue wave refractor, this one of Rock Shoulders, who unfortunately couldn't parlay his awesome name into an awesome career; He spent the last couple years scuffling in independent ball.
Just yesterday, I was talking about world champion athletes from my neck of the woods, and here's another one in Quintin Berry, who before getting a WS ring with the 2013 Red Sox, followed the same collegiate path I did, starting out at Grossmont College and later transferring to SDSU. I believe he's currently outfield depth in the Brewers' chain. Cool to add a green refractor RC to my small PC of his cards.

Correa "stand up" insert, and an early Conforto, and some shiny prospects.

Old timers representing with a Clemente insert and a woodgrain Reggie.

The Kid and the Old Man.

RCs of guys I started collecting not long ago.

90s craziness. Including Topps' attempt at a Sportflics type card (bizarrely a Stadium Club insert: 1999 Topps Stadium Club - Video Replay), a hologram (love Ryno Phillies cards), and a Cal cd-rom.

Here's an attempt at showing the "video" on the McGwire card. Sorry it's oriented wrong, but it's pretty cool as far as action on lenticular cards goes.

Numbered cards. Dodgers /1500, Astros /1000, and Clemens /29.

Pickups for my neverending 2011 Topps parallel frankenset.

The top 2 cards are both #'d /999. AJ Puk was one of the A's top pitching prospects, but looks like he's headed for Tommy John. And then there's a couple Rizzo card, including a Class 3 Gold Label and a Triple Threads base card, I believe.

And we'll close out the post with a pair of diecut cards of hitting legends Kirby and Gwynn. A couple beloved guys who stuck with one franchise their entire careers and sadly left us too soon.

All in all, a fine card show haul for me. Looking forward to April's show coming up in a week and a half.


  1. Topps Laser was such a cool set!

  2. Ryno Philly cards. Ack! I have more than I care to admit in my collection, but they seem so out of place and WEIRD.

  3. Great pick-ups... especially the Puckett laser!

  4. Didn't know that was possible to show a card like that on that McGwire video. Nicely done.

  5. Those Video Replay inserts might be my very favorites from the Lenticular Era.

  6. Welp looks like it's time to add 1999 Stadium Club Video Replay to my searchlist. I've picked up some instavision but didn't realize they still did lenticular too.

  7. Qintin Berry is king of the September call up. Great defender and base runner.

  8. Great stuff. Glad to see you saved the best for last. Gwynn and Puckett were similar in so many ways... which is why I enjoyed collecting both of these guys over the years.

  9. Roger Clemens card out of 29 for 33 cents? Dayum.

  10. I've never seen one of those Rally Caps cards before. Love the design.

  11. Good to see Villanueva finally get his shot - he was always on the cusp with the Cubs, but his leg injury a couple of years ago couldn't have come at a worse time. Here's hoping he leads the Padres to a few more W's this year!