Sunday, April 15, 2018

Card Show Chiropractic

As I mentioned yesterday, this was the first card show I didn't drive to. This threw off my usual routine where after about an hour or two and a purchase or two, I go back to my car to drop off my first batch of buys and rest my aching back for 5 minutes or so. Just a little intermission to get off my feet and relax. So this show didn't afford me that luxury (though I suppose I could have at least found a bench to sit on for a few minutes). After 2 and a half hours hunched over boxes of cards, my back was unhappy. But I toughed it out and picked up a nice bunch of cards.

Three bucks for each of these HOF certified autos! I'd take that deal over and over and over again! Bob Gibson and Willie Stargell are a couple A-listers, no doubt. Sure, these are unlicensed Nabisco cards, but still! I was kinda shocked they lasted the whole show (priced at $10 in a "70% off marked price" display) without anybody else snatching them up. I already had the Stargell, but this one has a slightly bigger and bolder signature, so I'll count it as an upgrade. You can see in the photo that they have the separate original COAs behind them, too. They're in great shape (The mark around the Gibson auto is just a reflection on the top loader).

The rest of the cards in this post were from the 50¢ bins. This hologram looked pretty cool. I might try sending it out to 2 or 3 known dependable TTM signers such as Ron Cey.

Neat additions to a couple recently-started PCs of mine, Votto and Hosmer.

Really like this Kirby insert from 1996. It's got a textured feel to it and is #'d /5000 on the back, which is fairly limited for the mid 90s.

I'm a sucker for serial-numbered recent Bowman parallels. They look nice, and (if I don't trade them) I put them away and check them down the line to see if any of these kids panned out.

Some more Bowman to close us out.

That's it for this show (also got a decent amount of trade fodder, not pictured.. and can't forget about the surprise box from Rod I'll post about soon).
Thanks for reading.


  1. The best thing about Bowman is how nice the parallels look. Those autos are great deals! I have the Ernie Banks one somewhere (not sure how I came to have it)

  2. As best I could tell the best name in that lot of refs is probably Adonis Medina. Although Funkhouser and Erceg have some nice things going for them too.

  3. My neck usually isn't too happy after card shows -- lots of craning to see what's in those dime boxes. I'm not much of an autograph guy, but even I would've bit on those Gibson/Stargell autos for three bucks a pop. You don't see deals like that too often.

  4. Those Bowman's look amazing. Great snags on the autos!

  5. $3 for HOF certified? Wow. Nice finds!

  6. Ahhh the aching back.. Been there, neck too best not to forget the tops of the forearms (eventually becomes carpal tunnel). Chairs help, but still gets you after a full day of it.

  7. That Total Bases Puckett is fantastic! And you can't beat on-card autos of legends like Gibson and Pops for $3 each. Nice haul!

  8. the Nabisco autos are some of my faves. I picked up the Gibson a while back for $4. worth the backache!

  9. Wow! That Total Bases Puckett is my favorite. I wish I drove to this card show when I went to Brisbane Chiropractic Centre.