Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bountiful gifts from Rod

This post wraps up my haul from Cardblogger Con NW '18, the big meetup a few of us had a couple weeks ago in downtown Portland. Rod loaded up my backpack with probably around 1000 cards.

I'm only showing "keepers" in this post, which was probably about 40% of the lot. As you can see there was a ton of 2018 Series 1, with plenty of PC needs for me. (Extra Altuve "Legends in the Making" insert if anyone wants me to set it aside for them.)

A few from '18 Opening Day too.

I'm thinking of starting a "thumbs up" minicollection. I just think that flipping through a few binder pages of people giving thumbs up could be uplifting.

There was a blaster or so's worth of WWE Diva cards in the lot, and I plucked out a few that caught my eye for inclusion in my girlie card minicollection. (Unfortunately for me, Rod also collects Alexa Bliss, so there wasn't any of her in there for me.) I think Kelly Kelly should hook up with the Padre minor leaguer named Henry Henry.

Here are some more cards, including a signed Darcy Fast custom. The Raines is a Berger's Best insert.

A bunch of guys I collect from the overproduction era.

Big stack of 2017 Bowman, including what might be my first card of Vlad Jr.

Nice selection of 2018 Heritage. With all the fake errors they put in there, it's almost refreshing to pull a real error (Hanley Ramirez included on the Batting Leaders card when it should have been Jose Ramirez of the Indians).

Ton of Gwynns! Many of these are dupes for me, though I'm sure there are some needs too. Always love those "Greatest Hits Album" diecuts.

Craptonne more Padres of the Past that I collect.

And some special favorites of mine to close out the post. A red Khalil, new Rod Beck, great trio of Cammys, and some Bips. While I've got a very robust collection o' Bip, the '93 Donruss Diamond King was a conspicuously missing "junk" card. Nice to have that one squared away now.

Thanks as always for your generosity, Rod! Very appreciated!


  1. Any cards of the little Lass Kicker Becky Lynch - you can send them my way.

  2. Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. 😳

  3. There's a Caminiti card under the red bordered Greene. What card is that? It features one heck of an action shot.

    1. I'm not exactly sure, but there's a Carl's Jr logo on the back. It's actually a dupe for me, so I'll set it aside for you.

  4. Mmm, Charly Caruso. Daddy like....

    I think at some point Topps will just give up on creativity completely and make Bowman look just like flagship Topps with a different logo in the corner being the only difference. Those Bowman are nice looking but it's like they used the same program to design both sets.

  5. I do love those Ultra "Greatest Hits" cards.