Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trade Roundup Confession

Sometimes I hate trading. I go through periods where I'm filled with anxiety about trades.. worrying that either I'm not giving enough, or not getting back enough. I've come close to posting "I'm suspending trading for a while" posts just to take some time off, but have yet to go through with publishing any of those drafts. So far, I've been able to take a deep breath, sleep on it, and power through it and am usually out of the funk before long. If trading partners aren't happy with the returns I give them, they don't have to continue trading with me. And if I'm not happy with what I'm getting back, well, as long as it's not a complete fleecing, it's not worth stressing over it. But most of the time, the trades are completely adequate and it's just my own mental hangup.

Anyways, here are some incoming packages from trader buds!!

We're kicking off with a big Zippy Zapping. These were probably my 2 favorite cards of the package: a personalized stickergraph and a nice-looking #'d Gwynn. Jeff Degano is a Yankees farmhand who hasn't had much success since being drafted in the 2nd round in 2015. But still, that was cool of Zippy to think of me, and for Mr. Degano to oblige.

Some top Padres pitching prospects.

Nice Wil Myers lot.

Zippy had a few extra Yankees that fit into my collection.

Former Padres I collect.

Giancarlo lot highlighted by a foil parallel.

Here's a sentence that probably hasn't been uttered many times in human existence: I'm very happy to get this Liberace trading card! But yeah, it's another spot filled in my We Didn't Start The Fire binder.

Super Giles Bros.

Lots of Gavins.

I'm not a hardcore Star Wars collector, but love getting a sampling of the sets that are out there, and here's a new one for me.

Thanks, Zippy! I'll be getting a return out your way soon.

―    ―  ― ―o

Here's a quick trade from Chris at Nachos Grande. I had been hankering for one of these "Collector Card" inserts based on 1969 Transogram. Chris pulled this Giancarlo from a box of 2018 Heritage and didn't want it, so I spoke up for it and sent him a PWE of 2017 Archives needs. Cool card. I'd love to get an original one of these someday, and am keeping an eye out for a Dick Allen.

Thanks for the trade, Chris!

―    ―  ― ―o

Billy at Cardboard History read my post a few days ago where I mentioned wanting Bill Walton cards, and surprised me with this pair. Very cool.

And my first card (sticker, actually) of T.J. Leaf, the first NBA player from my hometown of El Cajon, CA.

Thanks, Billy! I've got some stuff adding up to send you soon.

―    ―  ― ―o

Last for today is a cool bunch of various stuff from Mark Hoyle. I've seen a lot of these yellow HOF plaque postcards online, but this Ted Williams is the first in my collection. Also a Trout sticker and a Sportlics card featuring Mike Schmidt, George Foster, and Dave Kingman.

Some Padres stuff.

And this is really cool: a sealed "VIP pack" from The National a few years back (2006). I went ahead and ripped 'er open...

Nice cards, and I collect most of these guys! The convention must have been in Chicago that year, justifying the inclusion of Derrek Lee and Scott Podsednik along with the all-timers.

Big thanks, Mark! I will be rounding up some Red Sox to shoot your way shortly.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I can set that one aside for you if you need it.

    2. I could use that jeets if you don't collect his cards. And you know I dig your trade pavkages!

    3. I have one more of the set. I can send you one

  2. You should never worry about your trade packages that you send out. You do a fantastic job balancing out trades and those customs you produce and insert are like the cherry on top.

  3. Just do you know, you already hold the record for most cards added to my collection by another blogger. I feel like I have not sent you enough! Funny story about that one touch...I had it for you the last time I sent you a box, but found it on my table after the box went in the mail. I just held on to it until I had something good to put in it.

  4. You’ve always been very generous to me...and I’ve worried that I haven’t sent enough in return.

    I get anxiety too. I owe several people cards right now and haven’t had a ton of time to put the packages together.

  5. Hope that the cards I sent you didn't make you feel like I fleeced you (although at this point I've completely forgotten about any initial trade we had lol).
    Don't sweat the return packages man, taking it nice and slow is one of the best things this blogosphere will never be mad at you for. In the end yours always manage to pack a punch.

  6. Damn you, Jeff! Beating me to the Scotty Pods... (Seriously, though, that National VIP pack looks like a blast to open, and I was probably at that show.)

    I, too, go through trading insecurity from time to time. A lot of the times the stuff I'm getting is so great that I can't imagine ever matching the awesome value of what I receive. But I sometimes wonder how much of that is leftover from my rigid "equal-value" trading days on the forums (and let's all be glad that blog trades don't go by book value, because wow is it a nightmare dictating trades on that).

    1. I second that (the forums suck!) too much back & forth. That's why I now blindly send cards with heightened anticipation of what I might get back. It makes it exciting for me.

  7. I have one set left. I’ll. Real it open and send the cards to Nick And GCRL. The Padres TAT is an oldie but goodie. From ‘71

  8. I really don't do organized trades. Just blind trades with the same people over and over. No stress involved there. With that being said you are a great trader my friend. No need to sweat it.

    Also, you have to love our community. Scott Podsenkik getting all the lover over chumps like Babe Ruth, Griffey and Jeter

  9. i always look forward to our trades. we've been doing these for at least three years now. four? where does the time go?!? thanks for your generosity!