Thursday, April 19, 2018

Card Show Warp Zone

Of course I expected to come home from the card show with some decent cards, but when I bumped into Padrographs Rod shortly after I arrived and he surprised me with a box of a couple hundred various cards, it was like I had entered a card show warp zone, instantly adding an hour or two's worth of bin digging to my haul for the day.

Before '18 Heritage came out, if you said the word "Transogram" to me, I'd assume you were talking about a guy in a dress who delivers telegrams. (Sorry, un-PC joke.) But now I know it as these endearing yellow inserts born in 1969 (named after the toy manufacturer who made proto Starting Lineup figures with such cards on the box). While I'll stop short of saying I'd like to collect them all, I would definitely be happy to receive these in trade, in case my trading buddies have any sitting around.

Very excited to add more Alexa Bliss cards to my sadly small PC of hers. Looks like I've got dupe, if anyone needs that one.

Moving away from baseball for a second, here are a couple Celtics legends, plus a custom of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Does he sign TTM? That would be a cool signature to get!

I've never ripped any Tek, but I'm happy to see them pop up in trades and discount boxes. A couple guys I collect here in Piazza and Stanton, with the rest up for trade.

Man oh man, Bowman refractors always make me smile. Some decent names in this bunch.

Great to check Reggie off my little '87 Fleer Update setbuild.

Here are some additional appreciated cards.

Now for some Padre-centric cards including a black bordered Margot and top prospect Tatis.

A ton of Gwynn cards, including a few new to me.

Also a bunch o' Bips, most of which I had, but I think 2 or 3 needs in there.

And the rest!

Thanks again, Rod! Much appreciated. I'll get working on that little custom project you asked me about and should have it ready for you by the next card show.


  1. That 1987 Fleer Reggie is a classic. And the NdT custom is pretty cool. Would be even better signed.

  2. Ndt does sign TTM, but it takes awhile

  3. I wish the structure of a Tek box would be more pack oriented than hit based. That would be such a fun one to open.

  4. Great stuff. Lots of variety in this package.