Thursday, April 12, 2018

April's box rip she will

As regular readers know, I've gotten in the tradition of buying a bunch of discounted boxes on Black Friday which I then spread out over the year, opening a box each month. Just some delayed gratification to give me something to look forward to.

I'm often jonesing for a rip as soon as the 1st of the month rolls around. But the boxes aren't always all that exciting. For example, April is the cruelest month thanks to this "mega box" of 2016 Topps Update. I don't particularly like 2016 probably neck and neck with 2017 for the title of my least favorite Topps flagship design but I'm a sucker for the sparkly Chrome Update cards they did for a couple years (though 2015's versions are better). These boxes have 5 regular Update packs and 2 Chrome Update packs.

But anyways, it took me a week to get around to busting the box, and now almost another week to get around to posting about it. But here we go.

Other than the Roberto Clemente insert at the top of the post, the Chrome packs didn't have much of interest to me, sadly. These above 6 (and Shelby Miller not pictured) are available for trade.

And as for the non-Chrome cards, I pulled a couple 3000 Hits Club inserts of guys I collect. These are kinda neat, though ideally the set would include everybody in the club, not just the few guys cherry-picked by Topps.

Some other inserts. I kinda collect Miggy, though the other 2 are available for trade.

The Correa/Altuve card is ok.. I collect both those guys. The only parallel I pulled was a Blake Snell foilboard RC.. not bad.

And a few other players I collect in a very loose sense of the word. (That is to say, I don't really want these guys' cards in trade, though if I pull them, I'll probably hang onto them for now.)

So there were the highlights from April's box. Nothing great, but I like that sparkly Clemente. If anybody is still working on 2016 Update, I've got some base to trade too, so let me know.
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  1. I like that first pitch card

  2. This box might not have been filled with monetary treasures... but I'm sure if felt good to scratch that itch.