Sunday, April 22, 2018

Blog Bat Around: all-autograph team

Props to Zippy Zappy for this Blog Bat Around idea: fielding a hypothetical team with your best autographs. To handicap myself (and make it easier), I'm only using my precious 2004 Retired refractors for this exercise.

Outfield of Yaz, Yount, and Gwynn. Carew picking it at 1st. Boggs at the hot corner. Wizard and Ryne up the middle. Bench behind the plate and the Ryan Express on the mound.

Seaver and Bob Gibson anchoring the rotation. Pen consists of Goose, Eck, and Rollie.
I'd probably DH Ripken and use Dale Murphy as a pinch-hitter.

Almost forgot Frank Robinson! Let's make him player-manager.

That's a solid ballclub!


  1. This is my favorite one so far!

  2. Shoot... I forgot you had that set to pick from. Your team would probably take the title if we could pit out teams against each other!

  3. Man, all of these teams keep kicking mine to the curb (at least I get a first overall pick next year though).

  4. That’s going to be a tough one to beat!

  5. Very nice work, putting them in position and using only one set. Even if someone had a better lineup than you, your bullpen would shut 'em down!

  6. Murphy is the only guy on your roster not in the Hall. The gauntlet has officially been thrown.

    1. Gotta admit I kinda rushed this lineup together. If I thought about it for another minute, I think I would have put Brooks Robinson at 3rd and used Boggs as my pinch-hitter, giving me an all-Hall squad. (Not that 2xMVP Dale Murphy is a slouch.)

  7. I'm going to have to tank a few years to stock pile draft picks to compete with this team. Sports Illustrated will have an article about me soon. Blog Bat Around champs 2023.

  8. Holy fricking smoke! This is incredible.

  9. I'll probably participate in this Bat Around sometime soon, but I sure can't come close to competing with your roster, I know that for sure.