Thursday, April 26, 2018

Too Many Trades

I've got that good problem right now where I'm getting overwhelmed by incoming cards from trades and purchases, fighting for any available table space on my card sorting table. Let's bust out a couple big ones.

First up is a trade with Turrdog. Fresh off big help with '84 and '85 Donruss in our previous swap, he hit me with another nice box of cards.

I needed this '68 Topps Hoyt Wilhelm!

Wow, great trilogy of Kirby Puckett rookies! (That '85 Donruss is in addition to the other one he sent me earlier for my setbuild.)

A couple of my favorite Pirates old-timers.

Big Gwynn lot.

I'm gonna get serious about 1978 Topps here soon, and this awesome lot of big names gets much of the heavy lifting out of the way!

But the real heft of the package was a boatload of 1982 Topps. Really took that setbuild to the next level, with just a reasonable number of holes left to fill. Expect me to get a wantlist up soon.

Huge thanks for another great trade, Jeffery!

- - - ---o

And now here's a surprise package from my bud Dennis at Too Many Verlanders.

Always love adding new Caminiti cards to the PC. This one's a zany peek-a-boo pouch where you pull to extend out a little info card.

Numbered cards of Wil Myers and my birthday twin Matt Ginter, plus a nice looking Wally.

I think Dennis just tripled my Gretzky PC!

Some quality football cards in the mix as well.

I recently snuck Dirk Nowitzki onto the short list of "basketball players I collect" and Dennis lent a hand getting that new PC off the ground.

And a terrific Tim Duncan lot!

Closing out with a sweet bunch of Gavins. Very nice. Gavin Escobar has bounced around a lot the past couple years, recently signing with the Dolphins. I hope he can get on track in Miami this upcoming season.

Thanks a lot, Dennis! Much appreciated. I've got a couple cards set aside for you, but man, might take me a while to get a return together that can measure up to all this. (especially after recently dumping the vast majority of my tradeable Tigers on Julie.)

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great trades here! Loving the vintage but that CAM! Those inserts were condition sensitive. I remember pulling a Griffey chipped all to heck. That's a nice card! BTW Dennis -I cause trouble w/o trying. Perhaps I need to send you my Tiger doubles to make up for it.

  2. Dennis always sends great stuff. That heritage Dirk is awesome.