Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A very special TTM

A few weeks ago I showed off a custom card I created for Sean Conroy. He's the pitcher who made history earlier this year by becoming the first openly gay active professional baseball player. I thought it was a cool story so I created the card as my own little tribute. After I tweeted about it, his team, the Sonoma Stompers, were nice enough to retweet it. A week or so later, I got an email from Sean's mom. She thanked me for doing it and asked if I'd be ok with them including it in the photo gallery of the website Of course I said I'd be honored. While I was in touch with her, I mentioned I was hoping to give Sean a few copies of the card (and hopefully get one or two signed and returned). His mom kindly facilitated this and I mailed several of them off on 10/5 to New York State. Just 8 days later, my return SASE showed up.

Nice! I'm very grateful to Mr. Conroy (and his awesome mother) for this! He actually signed 3 out of the bunch I gave them, so I've got a couple extras. Very nice of him.

This is the first custom I've ever gotten signed through the mail, though I did make some customs a couple months ago that I got signed in person. Those were more like "photo cards" that I had printed out at the photo kiosk at the grocery store. For this batch of Sean Conroy cards, I printed them myself on matte photo paper. Like I mentioned the other day, I've caught the hardcopy customs bug and continue to create cards and am still experimenting with printing them.. trying different types of paper and techniques. I even made a back for this one:

Thank you again, Mr. Conroy, for signing for me. Best of luck with your career!


  1. Congrats on the awesome TTM success. The cards you make with your own blood, sweat and tears are the best aren't they ;).

  2. Very cool success! Can't wait to see more of your customs!

  3. Now that's 100% awesome all around, great story and great card!

  4. Great success! I like that the Stompers and Conroy's mom are in the mix as well.
    Love your fine print at the bottom! Keep making them and give Topps a run for their money!

  5. Very cool story and congrats on the TTM!