Saturday, October 24, 2015

Card show recap: Trade Bait!!!

This month's card show crept up on me. It wasn't till this past Thursday that I checked the calendar and saw it was coming up that weekend (today). And it's funny because last month's card show seemed like it took forever to come around.

The show was pretty bustling, perhaps somewhat due to Beckett Grading being there. I had briefly considered scouring my collection for cards I might want to get graded, but decided against it. I spent my whole 2 hours or so there at my normal dealer's discount bins. Spent a decent chunk of change ($69 dollars, Zippy), but came home with a nice haul of cards.

I'm going to have to break the cards up into at least a couple posts, but today's post will all be cards I'm not planning on hanging onto. You know what that means.. trade bait! These cards are all specifically to lure you readers into trading with me (or failing that, flipping on Listia or something).

So if you see anything in this post that catches your eye, take a look at my wantlist and drop me an email.

Kicking off with some autos. That Chris Cook auto is numbered 2/5, easily the lowest numbered card I picked up today. No idea who Chris Cook is, but the price was right. Nick Johnson had a few good years for the Nats.

The Jermaine Dye auto is a bit faded, but again, it was a good deal and the guy hit 325 home runs in his career. Gabe Kapler helped the Red Sox win the WS a few years back and is currently being talked about as a manager possibility this offseason.

Some relics. That's Pudge up in the corner. The Berkman relic is on a seam or something and features a nice stripe. The rookie bottom right isn't a card I was super interested in, but the magnetic one-touch case was my main reason for picking it up (I'm keeping the case; not for trade!)


David Freeze #'d 7/61. Trammel #'d 17/250. Don't know anything about the Team USA guys, but took a chance.

Hey Yankees fans! I owe Bo some cards, so these are reserved for Bo if he wants any. Posada #'d 193/499. Mattingly #'d 114/250.

Who wants these glorious Eddie Mathews cards? Tony L? John Miller? Wes? Somebody speak up. The one on the left is #'d 7/500.

Bat chips.

Lost Collector, picked you out a Rizzuto #'d /75. Do you need that Tino minor league.. it's the team set.

More "reserved" cards.. Nomar for Mark (/309). Yount for Tony L. if he needs it (#'d /599). Rosario /500. Barry Larkin for Chris if he needs it, #'d 204/500. Verlander #'d 28/199 for Dennis if he wants it.

Last card of the post. This pretty Travis Ishikawa is numbered /25.

CONTEST UPDATE: Hurry up and comment on my big 600th Post contest if you haven't yet. Ok, last call for the "pimp bonus" so swallow your foolish pride and retweet or better yet, mention my contest on your blog by the end of the weekend. Everybody who pimps will be eligible for a "second chance" bonus, meaning even if you don't win the main contest, you'll still have a shot at the prize. Remember, you must also mention in the comments of the contest post that you did in fact promote it for it to count.

Contest bonus entry opportunity: In the comments below, be the first to correctly guess the serial number of the above Ishikawa. It's a number between 0 and 26. Limit one guess per hour.
UPDATE: Nachos Grande correctly guessed 4.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I call dibs on the Kaprielian relic.

  3. I'll happily take the Tram and Verlander off your hands, thanks! I've actually got a few things in-hand with more on the way for you. If you want to know exactly what I'll be sending you to cross stuff off your list, just shoot me a message.

  4. Is it just me or does Wilbert Robinson look a little like John Goodman? It's probably just me.
    I'll go with 17. Prime numbers always win.

  5. Hit enter too soon. For the contest I'll say 11. Because prime and Larkin's number!

  6. Thanks, guys. Nobody's got the number yet. Hint: it's an even number.

  7. I have to go bed now so I'll sneak in an early guess of 14.

  8. Ha, I had forgotten you owe me cards. A lot of people owe me cards that I have been waiting for a lot longer for than from when I sent you. That Jorge card looks really nice. I'll go with his uniform #20 for the Ishikawa card.

  9. Staring longingly at Will Robbie. If I'm not disqualified from contests forever: 12

  10. I will guess 16 on the Ishikawa, also is it for trade?

  11. Ok, I'm about to go to bed.. yes, the Ishikawa is for trade, and no, the number has not been correctly guessed yet.. keep at it!

  12. First off, I'd love those two Eddie Mathews cards. I have at least one card to send your way for sure, and I know I can come up with more. And, at any rate, I'm pretty sure I owe you cards.

    Second, I'm going to guess number 18 for Ishikawa.

  13. I'll go with 10. The Nomar looks sweet.

  14. I'd love the Jimmy Foxx. I think the number is 2.

  15. Glad to have rustled up some trade action!

    We're running out of even numbers under 26 yet the correct answer is still unguessed!

  16. Replies
    1. Yes! Chris got it: 4! Congrats on earning a bonus entry in the contest.

    2. Math teacher skills at work! haha
      Yeah, I think 24 was the only other unguessed number!

  17. I've got few things set aside for you I can send if the Berkman RC is still up for grabs.