Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ridic Relics - not your grandfather's relic cards!

Here's an exciting new minicollection for me. Ridic Relics will include relic cards featuring materials besides just boring old jersey swatches and bat chips. We're more concerned with out-of-the-norm relics here.. the more ridiculous the better! (or as the kids say, "So ridic I can't even. Chaaa! [rolls eyes, resumes texting]") Keeping with my Hundred Card Club method of collecting, my longterm goal will be to gather up 100 different things embedded in cards, one of each thing. I suppose I'll count manufactured things (ie, stuff like commemorative patches, pins, and coins made by card companies), though I'm definitely more interested in things that were actually used out in the world at one point.

Expect this to be a recurring feature with posts covering a few such cards. Sound good? Let's kick it off...

2001 Donruss Studio Warning Track Scott Rolen Stadium Wall Card #WT-27 Phillies

The Thing: outfield wall

The Specifics: "The enclosed piece of outfield wall was cut from an Authentic Outfield Wall from Three Rivers Stadium used in an official Major League Baseball Game."

My Observations: Every card in this post cost me a buck-something each in a couple bulk eBay wins from one seller.. same guy I got the Adam Jones auto and a several other cards from. This is one I was pretty excited to win. It's the first outfield wall relic I've come across. Funny how it's from the Pirates' stadium, yet features a Phillies player. I guess this was during Pittsburgh's dark years. I'd love to trick myself into thinking I have a relic from where greats like Clemente and Stargell called home, but in reality I'm sure they replace this tarp-like wall covering at least once a year, so there's no way this was around back in the 70s. Donruss at least tries to tie it to the guy on the card, Scott Rolen, by mentioning he hit a homerun over the wall on 7/1/99. I'm sure lots of guys went deep in Pittsburgh in 1999. Maybe I should look it up and make a custom overlay for my favorite. I don't really collect Scott Rolen, but he's fine, I guess. I remember him being a bit of a Padre-killer in his prime, and I hated him for it. His name always gets a Soul Coughing song stuck in my head.

2001-02 Topps Heritage Articles of the Arena Charles Oakley Arena Court Card #17

The Thing: basketball court

The Specifics: "(A)n authentic piece of the Boston Garden parquet floor [...] acquired directly from the Boston Celtics."

My Observations: Yep, my Ridic Relics minicollection will not be limited only to baseball-- or even just sports, for that matter. Again, we've got a venue/team missmash: Charles Oakley of the Chicago Bulls is the featured player, though the relic is a piece of the Boston Celtics' hardwood. Like with the Rolen card, the card attempts to tie the player to the item by mentioning he played on it, though no specific dates are given. I don't collect Oakley, but at 99¢ I'm happy with this card.

2003 Donruss Studio Big League Challenge Barry Bonds Base Card #BLC-41 Giants

The Thing: base (event-used)

The Specifics: "The enclosed piece of base was cut from an Authentic Base personally used at the Big League Home Run Challenge on February 9, 2002."

My Observations: I had be wanting a base card for a while (no, not a base card, a base card). I'll have to keep on looking for a game-used base card, as this one wasn't used in a MLB game, but rather the Big League Home Run Challenge. It's my understanding this was an exhibition similar to the All-Star Home Run Derby that occurred annually for a few years at Cashman Field in Las Vegas. Proceeds from the event, organized by the players' union, benefited the Players Trust for Children. Again, I landed this card at its 99¢ opening bid plus very reasonable combined shipping. Bonds is a "guilty pleasure" PC of mine.. a guy I used to hate but eventually came around on.
Speaking of such players...

2011 Leaf Limited Limited Gamers Alex Rodriguez GU Glove Card #2 #'d 01/70 NYY

The Thing: fielding glove

The Specifics: "Game-used glove"

My Observations: Highlight blurb on the back, but no further details about the glove in question. Being numbered 01/70 is a nice little bonus. While I still don't love A-Rod, I've reluctantly started a PC for him (after ending up with like 50 cards in one of the discount bins I bought a while back-- figured I'd try to get him in the HCC). One of the very few pre-season predictions that I was right about was saying he'd bounce back and have a productive year, when most people were saying he'd be a benchwarming bust all year. Me and Zippy were the true believers!
Anyways.. my first glove relic. Cool.

2002 Topps Gold Label MLB Awards Ceremony Tony Gwynn Jersey Card #ACR-TG2 Padres

The Thing: jersey (baseball)

The Specifics: "An MLB Awards Ceremony authentic game-worn jersey"

My Observations: Ok, this is a "boring" one, but I've got to have a jersey relic among my list of 100 things, right? This one is cool because you can see the entire thing (including the sides and back), something kinda rare for a full-size relic card, though A&G mini relics are usually like this. The downside is you can't feel it because it's built into the card with no "touch window" or whatever. But it's fine. Tony Gwynn is of course a big PC guy for me, and I really like Topps Gold Label, so this was a sweet card to add to my collection. It's a little confusing-- are they saying this was worn in a MLB game or to an award ceremony. But I'm thinking "MLB Awards Ceremony" is just the dumb name they gave to this relic insert set, not actually implying it was worn at some ceremony where baseball players attended in their playing jerseys, as that would be weird.

2001-02 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Rookie Jersey Jason Collins #98 #'d 0741/1200 Nets

The Thing: jersey (basketball)

The Specifics: "An authentic piece of a jersey worn by Jason Collins at the Nets' 2001-02 Team Media Day."

My Observations: Yeah, while this is also a jersey, I'm counting it as a separate thing as the Gwynn jersey. To me, solid fabric is significantly different than fabric with a bunch of breather holes in it (Sorry, I forget the formal name of this type of porous fabric). Plus this Jason Collins card is a double minicollection hit for me, as it also works in my Pride PC. The back of the card admits it's not game-used but rather was worn at media day, meaning he probably just got some photos taken in it and did a few interviews and whatnot. That's not awfully exciting, though it is nice to tie the relic to a specific moment.

That's it for this time. More stuff soon enough.

Optional question for you all in the comments:
What's the most ridiculous relic card you own?



  1. I have three photo-shoot used towel relics in my collection - Anthony Bennett, Kelvin Benjamin and Breshad Perriman. The Kelvin is a camo towel from a Salute to Service subset, so that one probably wins.

  2. I have a NASCAR relic card that contains a piece of the windshield from Danica Patrick's car. I pulled a Santa hat relic out of one of Panini's Black Friday packs. I got relic card containing batter's box dirt from one of Nachos Grande's group breaks. Benchwarmer makes cards containing bits of hair cut from the models' heads. I don't have any of those, but I do have a high-heeled shoe relic card produced by them.

  3. Cool idea, the old Tools of Trade sets were good for this stuff, I have a John Buck that has a piece of glove, chest protector, shin guard and mask all in it.

  4. Game used face mask!

  5. In addition, I have a piece of a mascot costume on the way, and a piece of end zone pylon sitting in my COMC inventory.

  6. I've got a card that has some dust from the Berlin Wall. It's from the 2001 Topps American Pie set. I've got cards with shoes and batting gloves.

  7. OOH...this is fun! I have a few weird ones myself. One of my favorites is a pice of a chair from Forbes Field. Looks like if you ever run out of content you can have guest hosts from the amount of people who have these type of cards.

  8. Ooooh! Nice glove relic of American Hero Alex Rodriguez. Anyone who hates A-Rod hates America.

  9. I've got a base card or two. One time I had a Vlad Guerrero "batter's box dirt" card.
    I blogged about it during that "Blog Bat-Around" a few months back on cards you "used to own" and sort of regret getting rid of:

    I think I have one of those stadium seat relic cards from someone not sure on that.
    Oh but my fave non uniform/Jersey relic card (that y'all will have to pry out of my dead skeletal hands) I have is my 2007Darrell Green Limited Hardware Helmet/Auto on-sticker Card and I'm not a huge fan of relic cards at all. I personally hate the idea they ruin memorabilia by cutting it into little 1 inch squares to glue onto/into a card.

  10. Gotta be my Carlos Delgado on-deck circle relic.

  11. That stadium wall relic is pretty cool. I've always enjoyed batting glove relics and other out of the ordinary game used memorabilia. I don't own it anymore... but I once pulled a Vince Carter card containing a piece of fatigues he wore. The card was labeled SGT. Carter: Feel the Force. It's actually on my Top 10 most wanted list. There's one on eBay right now and if the price is right, I'll bid.