Monday, October 5, 2015

Playing a couple old CD-ROM ''cards''

A couple shows back, I picked up Cal Ripken and Roger Clemens "PowerDeck" inserts that Upper Deck put out in 1999. These are mini cd-roms that are shaped so they can fit in a standard-sized pack of cards. I get a kick out of quirky stuff like this, and was just kinda curious about these "cards" and wanted one or two for myself.

I've got a backup old laptop with the "snap on the center" style cd drive to allow me to safely play them without fear of their odd size/shape potentially causing trouble.

So if you're like me and were curious as to what digital delights are on these, here ya go!

Yep, each card basically contains a lo-fi minute-long highlight reel. (Uploading the .mov file to Blogger makes them even lower-fi.) That's about what I expected. Kinda cool, I guess!


  1. Aww, you have to love that stock music. I guess that's not bad, but I don't think I have much desire to check out my Maddux one now.

    I would like to see this make a comeback, even though you can look up whatever you want on players now. It would be nice to have a highlight package and include maybe some links for more video.

  2. Clemens kind of sounds like Pearl Jam to me, or maybe Screaming Trees? Definitely a Pacific Northwest pop/grunge feel.

  3. I have a Piazza CD-Rom. Well, my curiosity's satisfied.

  4. Ha! I've never seen one of those in action. Thanks for sharing.