Friday, July 3, 2015

A Garvey rookie, some 71s, and a drop in the Marquis bucket

This post is similar to yesterday's post.. leading off with an iconic RC of the 1970s.

My trader bud Kevin G. is also working on 1971 Topps and we swap our dupes sometimes. He recently hooked me up with the gorgeous Steve Garvey rookie card. Not only is this a key need for my setbuild, but a dearly-wanted card for my collection in general. Growing up in San Diego and becoming aware of baseball right around the time of Garvey's 1984 heroics leading the Padres to the World Series, he's always been a bit of a mythical figure to me, held in high esteem.

But yeah anyways, this is an incredible card. This one happens to be in excellent condition (by '71 Topps standards, at least). If this is the card Kevin upgraded, his new copy must be friggin' pristine!

The back looks great too.

Kevin kept the hits coming...

A Reggie third-year! I already have this card in my Reggie Jackson PC, but it's great to get this other one from Kevin so I don't have to share it with my setbuild. This one is a bit beaten up, but not too bad besides the paper loss up top. As I've stressed in the past, for my 71 Topps set, I will not care at all about condition. If an upgrade falls into my lap, great, but I don't plan on actively working to upgrade any cards.

I'm tempted to commit a collector sin and take a black sharpie to that spot up top just so it won't be such an eyesore. Thoughts? (Talk me out of it?)

Back doesn't look too bad.

More 71 needs!

And more!

I'm now on the cusp of hitting the 75% complete mark with this set. Thanks a lot, Kevin! I will continue to try digging up cards you need in return.

Before we wrap things up, here's a bonus 1-card PWE that arrived the other day from Nate at Big 44. We just traded a couple weeks ago, but he had forgotten to include this 90 UD Marquis Grissom for me.

Always love adding another copy of this card to my silly quest of 1000 copies. I've still got a long way to go and every one is appreciated.

Thanks again, Nate and Kevin!

And thanks for reading.. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Go America!


  1. No writing on your '71s!

    I've got the whole set and have never been tempted to marker-up any of them. Well, I did it one time, but that was for a blog post.

  2. I agree with N.O. Leave it alone. My set could still use some upgrades.but not with a market