Friday, July 10, 2015

A couple sexy autos, including Alex Borstein

Gotta admit I've got a hardon robust affinity for Alex Borstein. Loved her on Mad TV and love her on Family Guy.

Never seen Catwoman nor knew Alex was in it before this ( it a movie? tv show?), but hey, I searched eBay for her cheapest auto the other day and this popped up, so I used some eBay Bucks and got it "for free." (~$10)

Cool. Not the best picture of Alexandrea, but it's on-card. (could have paid more for a stickergraph with a better photo) She may be a little short and pudgy, but man, erghmph... I find her very attractive. Nice to have her autograph now. It's almost like we're a couple!!!


And here's another sexy auto I've picked up recently...

TEKE!!! Gotta love him.

Thanks for ignoring your better judgement and stopping by! Have a great weekend.


  1. Agreed, she's super talented, especially between MadTV and Family Guy. You should totally check out Catwoman, which was basically Halle Berry gyrating around to Destiny's Child songs for 100 minutes. Please note it's not as good as I just made it out to be.

  2. Jealous of such a great find! She was awesome on MadTV (that I miss dearly and bought a few seasons of). I mean come one, who didn't love Ms. Swan? "I tell you everyting."

  3. I love Alex. I put that whole group of MadTV, and the one right after, up against SNL.

  4. I've got that card (I blogged about it back in 2010 yep Catwoman was the Hallie Berry Movie Not as bad as most comic movie fans make it out to be, but also not a great as a Hallie Berry movie should be.