Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Issuing a lifetime ban

Sport Card Collectors won my recent contest thanks to the Angels and Red Sox combining for 12 runs in their first game on 7/20. A case could be made that since it was a doubleheader (the original contest game on 7/19 got rained out), both games should add to the total, but then the winner would be #22 which was jupiterhill who voluntarily disqualified himself for not actually getting around to preaching the gospel of Pull-Tabs until after the awareness week had ended. So let's just give it to Sport Card Collectors.

SCC won another contest of mine just a few months ago back in March. And I'm not sure if you follow his blog, but the guy wins an incredible number of contests! It's crazy seeing him show off new prize winnings nearly every week. I guess it pays to keep an eye on contests on the blogs, Twitter, and whatnot, and from time to time you'll get a prize. And SCC seems to have a little more luck than the rest of us. All he does is win!

While it's nothing against him personally, in the interest of competitive balance I'm going to pull a Bartlett Giamatti here and issue SCC a lifetime ban from my contests going forward. I'm not a heartless monster; he can apply for reinstatement in a year and I'll hear his case. And I'll send him off in a blaze of glory with a big haul from this contest, so hopefully there will be no hard feelings.

I say "him" but Sport Card Collectors doesn't seem to reveal his or her real name or much personal details, so I'm just making an assumption that he's male. And that username is plural-- not just one Sport Card Collector.. but multiple Sport Card Collectors, so for all I know, it's a team of bloggers posting under that account. Aha!-- that must be his/her/their secret to contest domination! They must spread out to scour the web for contests, then split the booty amongst themselves! Brilliant!

This silly post aside.. Congrats, SCC! I'll round up some good cards for you and get your prize mailed out shortly.

UPDATE: Let me clarify Sport Card Collectors is a hell of a generous blogger who while winning many contest, runs a bunch himself. He's got a great blog and is undoubtedly an asset to the world of card collecting. I didn't mean for this post to sound nasty or anything. Much love to SCC!


  1. I am officially the Pete Rose on here lol.

    Sorry that I won. Seeing my name on here with ban made me a bit sad. I feel bad for even entering. I only did it to help spread your post. If you want to pick another winner it is fine with me :)

    Yes, I am one person. Uno. Male. I am not one to give out much of my personal info. I raised myself that way on the internet. Only a select few actually know my name. Sorry if you and others take offense to this. I keep my personal life seperate from my blog life.

    As for contests, I am
    A bit lucky. I dont enter them all and just pick and choose ones that fit my PC. Some that I enter are ones with either little entries or I help promote. Some is just luck as guessing numbers.

    The thing I also do is give back a lot to the hobby by running many contests and mailing out packages as surprises to many people just for giving back to the hobby. Last year I mailed close to 60 of them out. Then I run an NFL promo in the fall that hands out a ton if prizes as well I hope you and others come to enter.

    I hope your unfollow on Twitter wasnt because of this and hopefully you will come back and continue to read my blog as I plan on continuing to read yours with my van. Unless coming to visit is apart of the ban.

    I appreciate the prize and thank you for hosting the contest. I apologize again if I caused or did anything to be banned. I will as always give a blog thank you for the prize.

    1. Aw, I didn't mean to make you sad. Just busting your chops a bit! Sorry, man. I know you're a good guy and I'm a big fan of your blog. I suppose this post came out sounding harsher than I intended. It felt like I've been having bad luck with my contest lately.. First, a guy in Canada won my anniversary contest-- not that there's anything wrong with that!-- but that killed my plan of sending a big box to the winner (thanks to int'l shipping). And now this contest where the winner recently won from me. You didn't do anything wrong, of course, I just like to spread the goodies around. I used to add small print of "you're ineligible if you recently won from me" but dropped that a while back. The "ban" is just a silly way to make sure one person doesn't win 3 of my contests in a short period, which could otherwise happen with your good luck! haha. But yeah, it wasn't meant as a big, serious thing. Sorry again! I'll send you a sweet prize package that'll hopefully smooth things over!

    2. No problem. I took it as a joke, but also wanted to clear the air too lol. I didn't want to look greedy with my winning as I hand out more than I win. Not everyone posts my winnings or surprise though (big pet peeve lol).

      I was a bit sad though to see a post dedicated just to me and mentioning the word ban even though it was a joke. I just don't want others and other bloggers to look or take this the wrong way either.

      And I get the international shipping, I don't allow outside U.S. residents in because I can't afford to ship that way. In some cases the shipping would be worth more than the prize lol.

      For common winners, I get those a lot on my blog. One guy has won multiple times either from randoms or from knowing sports very well. It's tough unless you put in that part that you did.

      Thanks again for being a reader and keep an eye out sometime for your mail box to. You never know when #SCCGivesBack will strike.

  2. Not only did I screw up what would have been a win for me, but now I got someone banned as a result. I was having a pretty good day up until now. I feel bad now. I have a feeling things will turn for the better soon.

    Now I know what that discussion involving me on twitter was about. Congratulations to SCC though, a win is still a win. You'll be winning other contests soon I have a feeling.