Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Heritage group break haul from Nachos Grande

Once again, I played the role of "group break bottom feeder" and swooped in at the last moment to pick up unclaimed teams in a group break at a discount. While I did pretty decently in Nachos Grande's 2015 Topps group break last month, I really did well in his recent 2015 Heritage break.

Thankfully, the remaining teams were different than the three I ended up with the previous break, so my trade box won't get too bloated with certain teams.

I worked it out with Chris for these leftover teams:
  • Diamondbacks
  • Brewers
  • Orioles*
  • Angels
  • Athletics
  • Padres
  • Blue Jays
*our deal specified Chris would get to keep any Cal Ripken, Jr cards pulled.

Here were my reasoning/hopes with landing these teams:
  • Diamondbacks (Goldschmidt!)
  • Brewers (trade bait for Tony L.)
  • Orioles (shrug)
  • Angels (Trout!)
  • Athletics (shrug)
  • Padres (hey, my team! Too bad all this year's new guys are pictured on their old teams)
  • Blue Jays (shrug)
Let's get into it. Chris also threw in a Clubhouse Collection box into the break, and I did well there too, but I'll save those highlights for another post.

Landed a couple nice Goldschmidts, including a relic and SP! Love these cards.

From the front, an ordinary Chris Tillman card.. but it's actually a 1-in-3-cases hit!

Since I don't currently have any Orioles collectors in my trading circle, and I don't particularly collect this guy, I've got it up on eBay now for $30, which seems to be about the going rate. (Maybe I should have posted it for sale before I had it in-hand, as prices on these seem to have been higher shortly after the product was released, as you might expect.)

Got a couple Machado SPs. I got a bunch of Brewers SPs, but all of them besides this dupe have already been packed up for Tony L.

The Angels were probably my best performers in the break, netting me a bunch of SPs, plus some chrome parallels, and a buyback.

Also a gum-stain variation and a blue back.

A bunch of Trouts, too. (He also has a LL and a couple combo cards with Pujols and Miggy that I didn't scan.) The action variation might be my favorite card from the break.

The A's did ok for me, with a couple Chrome parallels and a couple Sonny Gray SPs.

Some Blue Jay SPs.

More gum-stain variations. I don't really care about these too much, to be honest, and will probably list all 3 in an eBay lot soon.

The Padres landed me nothing of note in the Heritage break (besides base cards of a couple dudes I collect, above). But there was a sweet hit in the Clubhouse Collection box. (Spoiler alert: Gwynn bat relic!)

And the non-team cards I got thanks to the randomizer.

So there are the highlights. Most of these are available for trade (besides the Goldschmidts and Trout non-dupes). I also have lots of base cards. Base team sets have already been packed up for Tony L. (Brewers) and Daniel Wilson (D-Backs-- sorry, didn't get a Goldschmidt SP dupe). Anybody else working on completing the set or whatever, please let me know, as I've got 3-5 copies of each base card for these teams.

Thanks a bunch for the break, Chris! I've already got a little "thanks for the break" gift PWE ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. I did so well, I was starting to feel a little guilty! So hopefully I'm able to balance the scales a little.


  1. Dang that randomizer giving you both Treks. If you want to part with one, I'd love to have it. Picking up the stray teams, you deserved to do well! Congrats on the great pulls!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'll be happy to send you a Trek.

  2. Did you say, "bunch of Brewers SPs"? Packaged for me? SWEET!

    I feel another package might have to come your way... :-)

    1. Should have a package out to you early this week!

  3. You had a nice break with all those sp's. Are you going for the set? I have extra Pirates.

    1. Yeah, I did pretty well. And the Clubhouse Collection box really put me over the top. And no, don't think I'll go after the set, though I'd be happy to take any Cutch's you're looking to thin out! :)

    2. Definitely have the base and league leader i can pass your way

  4. Thanks for the D-Backs team set! Those are nice Goldschmidts! I'll send some more Goldschmidts your way!