Wednesday, March 4, 2015

a nickelbox haul not for the faint of heart

Ready for more card show pickups? Here are a couple bucks' worth of nickelbox cards.

Dwight Evans 2nd-year? J.R. F'ing Richard? Both in pretty good shape for a nickel!

I already had that classic "bat-barrel" Wallach rookie, to be honest (pack-pulled by me back in the early 90s), but I had the crazy notion to start collecting every copy of every Tim Wallach card ever. Two down! As for that Goose, how the fudge do I not remember heretofore ever seeing this epically ugly card?! Let's take a closer look at his dying-fish face, checking out the reflection in his glasses.

Sorry for doing this to you:



Our left (Goose's right) seems to have another player standing near, and on the right is the photographer snapping the infamous shot. Meanwhile, Goose is pondering how long he can survive out of water. My god! Somebody at Donruss in late 1982 was looking through photos of Rich Gossage and said, "Let's use this one." I hope he refuses to sign this card.

1985 is represented nicely with a Sabes RC and Gary Carter OPC with the ever-desirable bonus updated text.

Here's a mishmash of 90s and early 00s. Let's see.. some Bowman.. an Ortiz.. amateur Konerko.. Vlad tek (That guy was a beast in his prime).. Robbie-- I didn't even know Stadium Club had a Chrome offshoot one year (2000).. Full-bleed Chrome! I like it.

Four Trevors and four Rickeys. All Padres cards except one Brewer (which I see as a plus, since I had few, if any, Trevor cards from his late-career stint in Milwaukee). It took much restraint not to make that Holographix card into a gif. Sorry, guys: I've done a lot of "refraction action" gifs over the past couple posts. Gotta leave you wanting more!

Here are some more Padres and a couple pre-Padres Templetons.

A couple more Alex Gordon cards. Hunter Pence. Ever since pulling that /20 framed 2015 Topps Cole Hamels in a group break last month, I've sorta started collecting him. Kinda sorta.

We close out today with a scanner-full of old-timers. A trio of Josh Gibson cards. Clemente. A couple Hoyts. A Sparky. And an Archives reprint of Reggie and Stargell.

Good stuff for 5 cents a pop, eh?

Sorry again about that Goose closeup. I hope it doesn't haunt your dreams for too long.

That pretty much wraps up my haul from last Saturday's card show, though I still have a bunch of cards I got specifically as trade bait (or failing that, Listia fodder), so stay tuned for that soon.


  1. At first glance, I misread your headline to be stating (accurately) nickelback not for the faint of heart.

    Those Goose glasses look like a pair of those old Blue Blockers from late night "Seen on TV" ads.

    1. I thought the same as well.

      Good stuff Gav :).

  2. Great cards! Love dime boxes, but a nickle box is even better!

  3. Zoom and enhance!

    I think if there are two collectors trying to collect every single Tim Wallach card, it could lead to some kind of "Highlander" - level epic rivalry. I say go for it! (not really).

    The Gary Carter O-Pee-Chee is great, because it looks like he's reading the news he's been traded in real time.

  4. I dig that Goose, man! Great finds. Lots in there that I would have snagged too.