Saturday, March 28, 2015

card show or bust

The card show today was a bit of a bust. The main discount bins I frequent weren't really discounted.. they were standard dollar bins. Later, I did ok in the dimeboxes. But today's post features the $20 worth of cards from the dollar bins.

I love cheap vintage. Here we have some 1954 Bowman and a Fleer. I like to bring home a Hoyt from each card show, but today I had to bend the rules a little bit and go with Waite instead of Wilhelm.

Love the trivia question here. Wow, back then one decade between .400 averages was a big deal. It's now been over 7 decades.

Some vintage Willie Mays oddballs.

Bob Gibson and Al Kaline.

A couple #'d cards of Giancarlo Stanton.

Here are some more numbered, shiny cards. Darvish, Kaline, C. Davis, Kershaw.

Here are the backs of those previous cards. I'm bummed Yu is out for the year.

Some neat, yet unnumbered, modern cards. Trout, Gallo, purple Gyorko, Puig diamond king.

Here are the final two cards. I had bought that same Clemente "prospect" card from the same dealer a few months back, but realized it was creased when I got home. So now I've upgraded to a better copy. (Anybody want the creased copy?) And that Lance Berkman bat relic was picked up as trade bait, as I thinned out much of my tradable Astros on a recent package to Bru, so figured I'd pick up something.

That's it for the dollar cards. If these were 50 cents each, I'd be more stoked on this purchase (and would have bought more cards), but still, not bad. Again, I did better in the dimeboxes, which I'll show off another day this week.
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  1. I have to totally agree with you. We made the hour and a half drive up there, and I was so bummed with how weak the show was. The few dime boxes were so bad that I would grab out one handful to look at before moving on. The only dealer I had any interest on getting some cards from was the guy closest to the main door. Looked through his cards for a bit, and he never showed up so I left. Saw another guy going nuts at the same time trying to find him so he could pay. Not sure if he eventually put his cards back, and left or actually waited.

  2. Even bad card shows seem to have at least one saving grace, and it looks like these dollar boxes were it. A Kellogg's Willie Mays at that price is an absolute steal. And here's to the second-best Hoyt in history, Waite Hoyt. The faux-reprint '54 Clemente is one of my favorite cards of all-time as well.

  3. I think you did pretty damn good. I'd call in sick to get cards like that.

  4. Sometimes dollar bins get overshadowed by dime boxes at shows. If these are considered a bust... I'd love to see what you think is a success. I think you did pretty darn well.

    Btw... if you're looking for a good home for that creased Clemente of yours... my Damaged Card PC would love to adopt it.

  5. Yeah, I probably shouldn't complain too much. I guess I'm just used to amassing a tall stack from these particular bins. But at $1 a pop, that gets dangerous, so I had to limit myself to the cream of the crop, ending up with just about a third of the stack I had compiled. But yeah, I'm definitely happy with these cards.

    And sure, Fuji, I can put aside the creased Clemente for ya.