Sunday, March 29, 2015

VIP Zapping. In da club.

Zippy Zappy got me again! I ended up sending him the Luis Torrens auto that I picked up at last month's card show. And he got me back with a very nice zapping to return the favor. Let's take a look at the highlights.

A custom girlie card #'d 3/6! The back congratulates me on receiving a VIP zapping! The slabbed mint 10 Cabrera is pretty cool, too.

Autos! Kolten Wong, Jason Vargas, and Nolan Reimold. Neat stuff!

Joy! A couple shiny Ren & Stimpy cards! Loved that show back in the day.

A bunch of shiny baseball cards! Since I'm not a strict team collector, Zippy dumps some teams on me that he doesn't have regular trade partners for, such as the Florida teams, and apparently Cardinals and Reds. Hey, if it gets me cards such as a David Price parallel /63, I'm totally cool with that!

He also gave me a big stack of these Star Wars Rebels cards. I'm not all that familiar with this arm of the SW universe, to be honest.. but looks pretty cool and I'll have to check it out. Hopefully it's streaming on Netflix one of these days.

Here're some more keepers from America's wang (Florida).

Some non-cards.. with a White Sox pin, and chipz of Cabrera and Harper. Nice.

And here's a big ol' bunch of Giancarlos!

And now for this zapping's crown jewel...

A T206! Zippy was gracious enough to welcome me into the T206 club! Very cool. Thanks, man! This here is the White Sox's Frank "Yip" Owen, 3-time 20-game winner and a World Series Champion with the 1906 AL Chicago squad. It's now my oldest baseball card.. and neck and neck with my T30 Arctic Scene as the overall oldest trading card in my collection.

Awesome stuff all around. Thanks again, Zippy! You're the best.


  1. The T206 is just awesome. I mean, a scantily clad woman on a 3 of 6 card isn't bad either, but the T206 tops the package for me.

  2. Great T206 ! Now I need to find a way to get those top loaders, as I have a few tobacco cards to protect, and they look way too small in the usual ones

    1. I could send you one. Because I'm always picking up these T206es I have a few spare top loaders lying around just in case.

  3. The Ren & Stimpy...I must find them....

  4. Thanks again for the blue Luis auto.
    And I'm glad you enjoyed this package :).

  5. By far the best club I've ever been a part of. Awesome cards from Zippy.

  6. Nice T206. that is a great card. Love when folks get Zapped.