Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Digging vintage from the dimebox

While the card show this past weekend left me wanting more, I actually did pretty well. I've already shown off my 20 pickups from the dollar bins, now here's my other purchase of the day: a big stack from the dimeboxes.

Here are a bunch of sweet 60s and 70s cards in nice shape, with several HOFers among them.

I also grabbed up pretty much any '73 I came across without even bothering to check the needslist in my back pocket. For a dime, can't go wrong. Picked up several needs and a few upgrades. Gotta love that classic Luis Alvarado card with the old cars parked in the background!

Now we're venturing into the 80s. Lots of big names here. Boosted my Yaz PC quite a bit thanks to this show.

Some good ones from 1983. I already had Julio Franco's one true rookie, but hell, I'll grab another (anybody want it?). And I doubled up on the Willie McGee rookies (anybody need one?). Though I'm a San Diego collector, that might be my first card of The Chicken, believe it or not.

Here are some cards from 1984. The top 3 are Topps Traded-- a few XRCs, as they used to be called. Though my Winfield PC is "retired" at the moment, I couldn't resist the OPC. That Fleer Johnny Bench is a terrific card as well.

Here's the Bench backs. I believe only Fleer gave Johnny a true "sunset" card with glorious complete career stats on the back (even squeezing in minor league numbers!), while Donruss (pictured) and Topps only included him in "retiring legends" combo cards.

Some cards from 1985 now. Again, I gave in to a Canadian Winfield.

Let's close out now with 3 cards from my guilty pleasure, 1986 Fleer. I'm pretty sure I already have these, but whatever. When they're just a dime each, you can indiscriminately throw cards on the stack and worry about already having them later.

That's enough for today. I split the dimebox cards in half chronologically; I'll post the modern cards I dug out another time.


  1. Great finds! That '73 Alvarado is one of The. Best. Cards. Ever. The '73 McLain is also a personal favorite of mine, as it's his only card as a Brave.

  2. I love that handsome chicken! Why can't I find these dime boxes???? Now I must own the 73 Alvarado, which sounds like a 70s GMC model. I've become a selfish, envious card collector. Lock your doors. ;)

  3. Always jealous when I see these posts. Great finds!

  4. To love that Carlton Fisk/Steve Carlton card; how have I never seen that before?

  5. Lots of cards from my childhood there -- they're the greatest.

  6. Nice pickups. Love when I can find vintage in dimeboxes.