Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bob Walk This Way

Matthew Scott surprised me with a bumpin' 4-card package of phat hits yesterday!

This Tony Gwynn jersey is a beauty. What makes it super cool is the dirt in the lower left. That might be the first relic in my collection with some obvious "game used" remnant like that. (Well, let's hope it's real, and not some sleazy memorabilia dealer getting cute.) I think it's also my first Gwynn card acknowledging his passing, which definitely adds a somer undertone to it. Oh yeah, I'm just now noticing the "authentic signature" part and now remember hearing about these cards. Tony passed away before he had the chance to sign them, and so Leaf added the "1960-2014" stamp and sold them online. Cool to add one to my collection.

Miss you, Tony.

Very nice Adrian Gonzalez auto! I think Matt dropped an Adrian auto on me last time he sent me cards, too. I've now got 3 A-Gon autos (Auto-Gonzos, as I call them. j/k), though this one might be my favorite, since it's on-card and features him as a Padre. He's been off to a slow start this spring, but let's hope he gets going once the season starts. (Don't get me wrong, I hope the Dodgers suck, but I still root for Adrian to do well.)

Adrian led the NL in walks in 2009.

Tommy Medica's been having a great spring so far: 11 for 21 with 2 HR. I'd probably have to give him the starting first baseman job, but we'll see what Bud Black decides. Sticker and missing logo aside, this is a great looking card. However, neither Tommy nor Adrian will be winning any awards for their penmanship.

This is my second auto of Funky Cold Medica (I'm not sure if that's really a nickname of his, but I hope so), complementing a 2014 Finest Christmas Card I got a few months ago.

Finally, here's a sweet dual relic of Tony with Brian Giles. No signs of dirt, but looks like a pinstripe sneaking in on the top swatch. I guess that's Tony's? Not really sure which piece of fabric goes with whom. Regardless, happy to give it a home in my collection. A card featuring two guys I collect can sometimes make for a tough decision as to which PC it gets sorted into. But in this case, it's a no-brainer (or should I say no-brianer) that it'll be going in the Gwynn PC.

One of my all-time favorite albums since I was a kid, no joke, even if somewhat of a guilty pleasure these days.

Big thanks, Matt! It's sometimes a challenge trying to keep up with the great card packages I get from you! Luckily, I came into a Pirate hit recently that I can add to the trade bait I picked up at the last card show.. and hopefully that'll combine for a decent return package for you.


  1. Those are some great cards! Matt strikes again!

  2. Best song choices ever. Especially Crossroads...that was like my jam in 4th grade.

  3. I got a great package from Matt yesterday myself. Unbelievable cards

  4. When I saw that Giles/Gwynn I immediately thought of you. Perfect fit!

  5. Funky Cold Medina...I used to do that song when I played clubs in the late 80's.
    You must be sure that your girl is pure...

  6. Bob done walked!

    Killer batch of cards right there, Gavin! Congrats on the loot, man!

  7. Wow! incredible stuff from Matt! and the dirty patch is gorgeous!