Sunday, March 8, 2015

card show trade bait!

At the card show last weekend, I was on the hunt for any certified auto in the discount bins. Any! Even if it didn't fit into my collection, autos are often good trade bait, and even if I get no nibbles on the blog, I can usually flip them for a good chunk of credits on Listia.

These are all available for trade, so just check out my wantlist and drop me an email if anything catches your eye. I'm not looking for much in return.

A bunch of 1996 Leaf Signature cards.
Melvin Nieves (Tigers) - Infamous to Padres fans for being the main guy San Diego got for giving Fred McGriff away to the Braves. He did squat for the Friars, but after they shipped him to Detroit, he put up a couple almost-decent years, combining for 44 home runs.
Dave Mlicki (Mets) - Bounced with 5 teams in his 10-year MLB career, mostly with the Mets and Tigers.
Terry Mathews (Marlins) - Pretty average pitcher, going 22-21 with a 4.25 ERA over 8 years, mostly with Florida and Baltimore.
Rob Natal (Marlins) - Backup catcher for a few years with the Marlins, seeing his last taste of big league action playing on their championship team of 1997.
Ken Edenfield (Yankees; pictured on Angels) - The least-accomplished of this scan, only pitching 17 big league innings in his career.
Jim Converse (Royals) - Pitched with little success for parts of 4 years in the majors with the Mariners and Royals.
Scott Livingstone (Padres) - If I didn't already have this card, I'd probably hang onto it since I remember Livingstone fondly as a dependable bat off the bench on the Padres division-winning team of 1996. Also had some good years for the Tigers.

Glenn Dishman - Got into a handful of games with the Padres, Phillies, and Tigers. Has been a pitching coach in the Dodgers organization for the past several years.
Larry Sutton - Played seven seasons in the major leagues, mostly with the Royals and Cardinals. Led the Korea Baseball Organization with 35 home runs in 2005.
David Kelton - His big league career consisted of just 22 at-bats with the Cubs.
Jack Cust - Probably the most accomplished guy in the lot, Cust played for 10 years, mostly with the A's. In 2008, he led the AL in both walks and strikeouts, while putting up 33 homers.
Joe Valentine (Reds) - A fellow Xmas Eve baby, Joe pitched in 42 games, 2003-2005.
Tayler Malsam (not a baseball player) currently competes part-time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the No. 32 Chevrolet for Turner Scott Motorsports.

Autos weren't the only trade bait I threw on my stack. I also kept a lookout for favorite teams of people I owe cards to. Sorry to spoil any blind trade surprise, but since my trade fodder is very low for these teams, I'd just assume hold onto the cards if the intended recipients don't need them.

These Braves are reserved for John Miller if he needs them. Johnny, do you want these cards?

These Brewers are reserved for Tony L. if he wants them. Both are serial numbered on the back. (I ended up with the Brewers in Nachos Grande's Heritage break, so I'll have plenty more Brewers to send out soon enough, including the Braun SP.)

These Cubs are reserved for P-town Tom if he wants them. From checking his handy spreadsheet, looks like he already has the Kerry Wood, but doesn't have the Sandberg. What I thought was really cool about the Ryno is it's in a Cubs™ toploader. How cool! I wish I had more team-specific toploaders like that!

These Pirates are reserved for Matt Scott if he needs them. Matt, do you want these cards?

I owe Bru Astros and Dennis Tigers. Do either of you want either of these? They're both refractors.

These aren't reserved for anybody. Duke Snider is a refractor. Jay Gibbons bat relic is #'d 433/700.

And finally, a couple quirky cards. You know I love quirky cards! A "water card" of Mike Lowell (soft plastic card with liquid inside it), and a Griffey with an actual metal coin built into it (both dupes for me, hence my willingness to give them up).

So there you go. If you want any of these cards, speak up! My wantlist is here.

And hey, don't forget to enter the contest I've currently got running! Giving away some autos and custom magnet cards. Big thanks to everyone who's entered so far.


  1. Thanks, I'll happily take the Verlander, and please let me know if the Griffey is available too! I also wanted to ask you if there was a way I could trade for a set of magnets, i.e. you pick out something on eBay or one or more cards on COMC?

    1. Cool, those two cards are yours! As for the magnet set, we can probably work something out, but let's wait till the dust settles on my current contest, if that's ok.

  2. Hey Gavin, can you set aside that Lowell "Wave of the Future" insert for me?

  3. Gav, you da man (to use a phrase I used far too often about 20 years ago)! I picked up some things at a show here that I went to yesterday for you, so that's great to see you found something for me! Thanks, and yes, I'll claim them!

  4. Those Wave cards are awesome. I have one of God Shammgod, though I actually bought 2 because the first one broke in the mail. So sticky lol.

    1. Yeah, they're pretty neat. I hadn't realized they spilled over (pun) into other sports. Glad I haven't had one break on me yet.

  5. Thanks Gavin. I will take the Buccos off your hands. I got some cards recently that you will like.

  6. Wow, I'm honored that you picked up cards with me in mind. I'll gladly take the KW and Ryno (with the awesome Cubs top-loader) off your hands.

    I put together some cards of players from your want lists!

    1. I've been feeling guilty that you've sent me 2 or 3 unanswered PWEs, so I'm definitely looking to square things with us a bit if I can!

  7. Aw, gold coin Griffey is gone?

    I, too, want Griffey magnets! Expect a package from me within the week. :-)

    1. Do you seriously need that gold coin Griffey? I've got another one. While I like my little Griffey PC, I'm pretty much always down to give up any of it if it would increase your total of unique Griffeys. For the greater good!

  8. Could you set aside the Dave Mlicki auto, please? I should be able to find something from your want list.

    1. Sure thing. I also seem to recall having another card or two put aside for you from a previous trade bait post, but I'll have to check.