Thursday, December 14, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Cards and Beermas - Day 2

Twelve Days of Christmas Cards and Beermas continues with A Red and White Christmas and a Kevin Mitchell 2016 Archives Signature auto. Perceptive readers may have noticed that this is a Christmas Eve card. In my eyes, 12/24 cards and 12/25 cards are two peas in the same pod, and for this series, both will be featured. I hope that doesn't offend any Christmas Card purists out there.

As this picture tells you, the beer is a holiday ale brewed with spices, imported from Belgium. Hmm.. should be interesting! My wife doesn't have any backstory on this one, just looked good as she was browsing at the beer shop. Check back later for my review after I drink it later tonight.

UPDATE: It's not bad, but I'm generally not a big fan of Belgian beers– they usually have a mediciney taste to me that is hard for me to get behind– but yeah, I could drink this. My wife, who is a fan of Belgians, really likes it. And yes, don't worry, my lovely wife does get to enjoy a taster glass of all the Beermas beers she gifts to me.

As for the card, it's my first Kevin Mitchell autograph. I'll bet there aren't many certified autos featuring him from his early Mets days. That's one of the few things I like about buyback autos: you sometimes get short-term stops that otherwise probably wouldn't be preserved on a certified auto. Easy to forget he was a part of that '86 World Champion team. He then spent a brief stint with my Padres before regrettably being sent to the Giants where he put up his best numbers, including winning the NL MVP in 1989.

Here are the backs. Wait-- Kevin Mitchell played shortstop?! That's crazy. He was a hulk even as a rookie. (Sure enough, b-r tells me he started 20 games at short for the Mets in '86.)
Speaking of being big and strong, looks like the beer has an 8% ABV.

It's shaping up to be a boozy couple weeks for me. This morning my work had a little holiday brunch party for our department with omelettes and mimosas. Drinking at work in the morning is a bit odd of an experience, but sure, why not. And now there's a "happy hour" party in the break room beginning momentarily that I'll be hitting soon after I hit publish. (Yeah, this would not be a good place for a recovering alcoholic to work at.) I usually try to keep myself more reeled in, but hey, it's Beermas.

Anyways, speaking of certified autos of guys in unfamiliar uniforms, I'm running a contest for an Orioles Don Larsen auto and more, so check out yesterday's post if you missed it.

So far in this year's 12 Days series, I've featured cards of 3 baseball players (Larsen included). All three have something in common. Be the first to identify the specific similarity I'm thinking of in the comments for a couple bonus entries to the contest. I'll also give a bonus entry to the funniest answer, if you choose to go that route.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


  1. they all went to high school in San Diego.

  2. Loves me some Mikkeller-I think they opened a brewery in San Diego must check out next time I am down there.

  3. Sorry...saw this a church Christmas party tonight.

    That is an awesome card...WOW!

  4. I didn't know the answer so being late wasn't a bad thing for me

  5. I always liked those Topps All-Star sets!

  6. I'm curious... hot sauce on that omelette? Or something else? That's probably what all three of these players have in common btw... they all adore hot sauce.

  7. Had to come over to the comments to find the answer. That’s a great card! I’ve wanted to add his sig to my collection for quite some time. I’d really love to get the ‘92 UD Bloodlines card of him and his cousin Keith signed by both.

  8. I was going to guess California but was too late.

  9. That omelette looks hella good! I put Tapatio on my eggs too.

  10. My company stopped the Christmas party years ago, opting for the holiday luncheon instead. You were lucky for day drinking at work, no chance for that for me!