Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Crusade of Cammy and a Christmas Rocket (Beermas Day 8)

After a crappy day or two, my mood has improved and Beermas is back on track. We had kind of a mini holiday party in my department today because it was a co-worker's last day. My boss got me one of those clickety-clack pendulum balls office toys things. I love stuff like that, so it was a very cool gift. Also ate too many sweets. I'm telling you, man.. January 2018, I'm going on a diet and going sober for a month, repenting for a fat, drunken December.

Well, let's segue to a guy who died of a drug overdose. It's a sad end to his story, but he's still one of my favorite guys to collect, reminding me of his glory days on the mid 90s Padres back when I watched the whole of nearly every game on TV.

While Topps Finest gets the credit for introducing refractors to the world of baseball cards, Donruss Crusade cards really kicked it up a notch. Great looking cards, and I was happy I was able add an old school Crusade card for my collection (even if it is a Call To Arms insert as opposed to the classic shield design).

This one is a green parallel /250 I scored for a few buck off eBay.
While I'm at it, here are a few cheap PC additions from my recent COMC order:

More shiny. Love these Score rainbowy parallels. Thirty-five cents well spent.

Can't beat those original Denny's Grand Slam holograms.

This is a 1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Triple Diamond #70. Kinda cool looking and serial numbered on the back.

These Milk Bone oddballs are great, with Ken pictured here with his cocker spaniel Bailey.

I don't have much cardboard from the twilight of Cammy's career, so I was glad to pick up these representations from his brief stints on the Rangers and Braves.

I don't have any 12/25 cards of him, though, so I turned to another Astros great to pair with today's Beermas beer:

After I picked up a couple cheap Sportscasters cards a couple card shows ago and dug them, I took a look what was on COMC. The prices are really all over the place. Among the likes of $20 Miguel Tejada cards, I stumbled upon this Roger Clemens Christmas Card for just a couple bucks and snatched it up.

There's the back. Clemens seems to be creeping upwards with HOF voting, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him get in one of these years.

And here's the back of the beer. You may recall AleSmith was the brewer behind the Tony Gwynn beer from a few posts ago. Looking forward to this! I'm sure I'll love it. (UPDATE: Yeah, this was nice. Reminded me of a Stone Arrogant Bastard.)

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


  1. I loved watching Caminiti when he was on his stint with the Bravos!

  2. I've missed out on about 25 auctions for a Jason Kendall Donruss Crusade card.

  3. Great cards. I'm lucky enough to own two Tino Green Crusades, but none of the other colored parallels. They are such awesome cards. The shiney Score cards are underrated too!

  4. 1996 cammy gave the dodgers no chance.

  5. That Green Crusade is stunning. Being a fellow SJSU alum... I really should start going all out on Caminiti. Truly sad that he left us such a young age.

  6. i'm a sucker for heartbreak so Cam's story has always resonated with me. I find myself in need of a Crusade!