Saturday, December 9, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton PC

Giancarlo Stanton is headed to the Bronx. Wow, the Yankees are gonna have a hell of a team!

You gotta expect his overall cardboard interest/values will see a bump thanks to going from a team with hardly any card collectors (at least here on the cardsphere) to the most popular team in the game.

He was a top collecting guy of mine circa 2014/2015, but as is my collecting style, I cooled it on him once I hit one hundred different cards, giving myself "an out" since I collect so many different players n' things. Since there are basically no Marlins collectors out there, I ended up with a lot of his cards in trades.

I originally did a post for my Giancarlo PC way back on 4/24/15. But I've pretty much doubled the collection since then, so I figured I was due for an update. So now let's take a look at my Giancarlo Stanton collection as it stood the day he began Act 2 of his career.

Just a couple early cards.

A few RCs from 2010.


Part 1 of 2012, highlighted by my only auto of him, also pictured at the top of the post.

Part 2 of 2012.

Part 1 of 2013.

Part 2 of 2013.

Part 1 of 2014.

Part 2 of 2014.

Part 1 of 2015. The top left relic is a Christmas Card (12/25). The middle dual relic with Cutch is /10, a generous surprise from Matt Scott.

Part 2 of 2015. (Whoops.. looks like a dupe slipped by me in that Archetype insert that was also pictured in Part 1.)

2016. It's not often that manufactured relics move the needle for me, but I sure love those metal logo thingys.

2017. You can tell he was off my main wantlist by this year. Hell, I don't even have his flagship Topps card!

Here are some odds and ends. I couldn't read the super tiny text on the Chipz and didn't care enough to look up what year it was from. The "2008 Ginter" minis are Munnatawket customs. They're not dated, but must've been made sometime around 2014-2016. I made the Hostess custom and the middle sketchcard. The other sketchcard was a gift from Twitch.

So many doubles and triples! This is a big reason I had to take him off my wantlist. Just kept getting too many cards I already had. But yeah, these dupes are available for trade, so if any Yankees fan wants to jumpstart a PC of the guy, let me know. (SCC already called dibs on the Bowman RC.)

Looks like I've got somewhere around 175 different cards of the guy. Wow, that's gotta be one of my largest PCs. I think only my Gwynn collection is over 200 cards. Even if I'm not super active in collecting him anymore, I'd still be down for any Giancarlo cards in trade that aren't pictured in this post.

Thanks for reading. And best of luck to Mr. Stanton in the Big Apple. They're gonna be a tough team to beat.


  1. There may have been a Stanton or two in the small stack I just sent your way a couple of days ago. If you don't have any use for them, please feel free to add them to the trade pile. You won't hurt my feelings!

    1. Just got it.. big thanks! And no Stantons, FYI, so no worries there. haha

  2. If you have any other 2010's from Topps, I'd take them off your doubles pile. Kind of feels like when A-Rod came over from Texas after winning the MVP (didn't like the feeling then, not really loving it now), but I'll be on board when the season starts.

    1. Don't think I've got a 2010 Topps dupe, but I'll keep an eye out for ya.

      Yeah, I don't know. Feels like the Yanks are in a good spot right now, but we'll see. While I rarely root for NY, I kind of got a kick out of Stanton spurning the Cardinals and Giants, probably my 2 least favorite teams.

  3. So many neat cards! I certainly don't envy all the sorting and picture taking that would have been required for this post though :)

    1. Yeah, the sorting took a fair amount of time, but you know it's fun going through a stack of cards and remembering what you have. And the boxes I store my PCs in are always filling up, so it feels good when I can pull out a bunch of dupes and free up some room. The pictures didn't take too long, but then again I "cheap out" and usually stick to photos rather than scans for the blog simply because it's quicker. If I scanned all those cards, all nice and neat, it would probably have taken my like 10 times as long.

  4. Can't believe he was a Yankee. Cautiously excited (due to his injury history and that either he or Judge is going to have to learn left field)

  5. If that 2011 Topps dupe is available I'd love a shot at it.

    Nice collection, I'll have to see what I have of him (probably not much since I sent him along in packages to you so that you'd be forced to take my Marlins ;)).

  6. Thanks for setting that aside for me. I will look to see if I have any stanton doubles

  7. I normally wouldn't take advantage of the hype... but I might just need to list my 2010 Topps Silk Stanton Update rookie on eBay and see what some Yankee fan will offer me.

  8. That's a sweet PC!!! He has some great looking cardboard.

    How is it that you have one of the dual patches with Cutch and I don't?