Sunday, December 31, 2017

contest reconciliation + Festival of Lightsabers 2017

Sorry I've been putting it off, but I've got a recent contest to find a winner for. Thanks again to those of you who stuck around and followed along with my 12 Days of Christmas Cards & Beermas series during the busiest time of year. I appreciate it!

Before we list out the entries, some bonus entries to announce. Everybody guessed low on the card count of my Gwynn PC. Once A Cub posted the highest guess (523), and so he gets the bonus for being closest to my count of 651. Also, for commenting on all 12 posts in the series, Fuji and Matt Stupienski each get some bonus entries (and even if they don't win, will at least get a consolation PWE to say thanks).

Here are the entries in order of entrydom :

Rod (initial entry)
Brett Alan (initial entry)
John Miller (initial entry)
Jon (initial entry)
Daniel Wilson (initial entry)
Nick (initial entry)
ketchupman36 (initial entry)
Mark Hoyle (initial entry)
Trevor P (initial entry)
gcrl (initial entry)
The Lost Collector (initial entry)
JayP (initial entry)
John Sharp (initial entry)
The Turrdog (initial entry)
jasongerman9 (initial entry)
Jafronius (initial entry)
Scribbled Ink (initial entry)
Matt Stupienski (initial entry)
Matthew Scott (initial entry)
Matt [Diamond Jesters] (initial entry)
Nachos Grande (initial entry)
CaptKirk42 (initial entry)
Bo (initial entry)
John [ferret] (initial entry)
Sport Card Collectors (initial entry)
Fuji (initial entry)
Bru (initial entry)
Rob (initial entry)
Greg Zakwin (initial entry)
Rod (Kevin Mitchell bonus entry 1)
Rod (Kevin Mitchell bonus entry 2)
Brett Alan (12/25 question bonus entry)
Angus (12/25 question bonus entry)
Bru (12/25 question bonus entry)
JediJeff (12/25 question bonus entry)
Nacho Grande (12/25 question bonus entry)
ketchupman36 (12/25 question bonus entry)
Bo (12/25 question bonus entry)
P-town Tom (12/25 question bonus entry)
Matt Stupienski (12/25 question bonus entry)
Fuji (12/25 question bonus entry)
Matt [Diamond Jesters] (12/25 question bonus entry)
Jafronius  (12/25 question bonus entry)
mrbasepauly (12/25 question bonus entry)
Once a Cub (Gwynn PC count bonus 1)
Once a Cub (Gwynn PC count bonus 2)
Fuji (comment all 12 days bonus 1)
Fuji (comment all 12 days bonus 2)
Fuji (comment all 12 days bonus 3)
Matt Stupienski (comment all 12 days bonus 1)
Matt Stupienski (comment all 12 days bonus 2)
Matt Stupienski (comment all 12 days bonus 3)

Now here are the entries randomized.. but as always here on the Breakdown, I must stress that the below list is not picking a winner, but rather assigning numbers. For extra randomization, the winning number will be the combined point total of both teams in this afternoon's Raiders @ Chargers game.

Best of luck to everybody!

Update: They combined for 40 points. Congrats Dimebox Nick!

- - - -----o

Star Wars stuff.

This year was the 11th Annual Festival of Lightsabers in my house. It's where I have myself a Star Wars film festival during the week between Christmas and New Years. The past couple years, it has creeped up a little, as my wife and I have started a tradition of watching the current movie in the theater on Christmas Day. I've actually kept records on the Festival throughout the years, so in case anyone is curious, here's how it has gone down:


2007 - 1st Annual Festival of Lightsabers
IV, V, VI - special editions

2008 - 2nd Annual Festival of Lightsabers
IV V VI - original theatrical versions
Ewok movies

2009 - 3rd Annual Festival of Lightsabers
IV V VI - theatrical

2010 - 4th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
I [The Phantom Edit fan edit]
II [Attack of the Phantom fan edit]
III [regular]
IV V VI - special editions
Robot Chicken star wars special I
Family Guy - something something dark side [empire]
Star Wars Holiday Special w/ Rifftrax commentary

2011 - 5th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
Family Guy - It's a Trap [Jedi]
Clone Wars II animated film
IV V VI - original theatrical versions
Family Guy - Something, Something Dark Side [Empire]

2012 - 6th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
Rifftrax prequels
Trilogy special editions

2013 - 7th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
New Hope [original]
Empire [original
Family Guy (New Hope)
Jedi [original]

2014 - 8th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
IV, V, VI - special editions

2015 - 9th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
IV - special edition
V - special edition
II "Attack of the Phantom" fan edit
VI - theatrical
VII (in the theater, IMAX 3D)
+ All 3 Family Guy specials
+ Fanboys

2016 - 10th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
25 - Rogue One (in the theater, IMAX 3D)
26 - A New Hope (special edition)
27 - Empire (special edition)
28 - Attack of the Clones
29  - Revenge of the Sith
30 - Jedi (special edition)
31 - Force Awakens

2017 - 11th Annual Festival of Lightsabers
24 - Force Awakens
25 - Last Jedi (in the theater, IMAX 3D)
26 - Family Guy Blue Harvest + Robot Chicken SW Episode I
27 - Rogue One
28 - IV (theatrical)
29 - Family Guy Something Something Darkside + Robot Chicken SW Episode II (I also watched the Star Wars episode of that Netflix "Toys That Made Us" show)
30 - V (theatrical) + Robot Chicken SW Episode III
31 - VI (theatrical) + Family Guy It's a Trap

This year was the first Festival where I watched zero of the prequels, thanks to the new movies picking up the slack.

I thought The Last Jedi was ok.

Some Star Wars cards from my recent COMC order:

I fell short on my goal of completing 2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary before I turned 40, so now my goal is to complete it while I'm 40. I've got about a year to knock off the 8 remaining cards I need: 8, 15, 29, 42, 57, 58, 108, 180. If anybody can help me out, drop me a line.

Happy New Year, and of course, May the Force be with You! :P


  1. Looks like I have to hope for a 3-2 game. One field goal and a safety. Happy New Years.

  2. I enjoyed The Last Jedi quite a bit. Yesterday I showed my kids (6 and 3 years old) the first episode of Droids from 1986. They liked it.

  3. NICE! Can't think of a better way to cap of 2017. Thanks for the contest, Gavin, and Happy New Year's to you and yours!

  4. Congratulations Nick! I love watching the Family Guy SW parodies. Take them on the plane with me whenever I travel. Anyways... I just wrapped up Episodes 3-7 + Rogue One last week. Although I gotta admit I was pretty sick and at times out of it. Happy New Year!