Tuesday, December 5, 2017

trade bait from the card show

I've got some great incoming trade packages crying out to be blogged about, so let's hurry up and wrap up the highlights from my December card show haul. The cards in this post are available for trade, so check out my wantlist and get in touch if something catches your eye.

These 2009 Topps Updates legend variations are pretty neat. They seem to "book" at about $5 a pop on COMC, so among my better buys of the day.

A couple vintage cards, both in pretty nice shape.

The wild 90s. Tino is reserved for the Lost Collector if he needs it, though I bet he has one of the 2500 made copies already.

Here's a /99 green Giant (ho ho ho), plus some Dodgers and Brewers.

This quartet of Nomos is Night Owl's to accept or reject. 1996 Select - En Fuego #25. 1995 Bowman 1st Impressions - Gold (looks like N.O. has this one already). 1996 Pinnacle Summit - Above and Beyond #40. 1998 Donruss Preferred - Great X-Pectations #14 (#'d /3000, with Irabu on back).

Numbered cards of Daniel Murphy and a Braves prospect.

Man, I love these overly-shiny cards.. almost to the point where I'm reluctant to trade them. But eh, neither is a guy I collect, so I could definitely be talked out of them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would be interested in any of the 90s inserts not claimed

  2. I could eat that Keuchel! I promise not to send you more 1990 Topps. :P

  3. i'll sign up for the dodgers and the nomo cards no rejects (hopefully the summit is one of them). i should have a package to send your way shortly.

  4. I could use any/all of those '09 Topps Legend SPs if they haven't been claimed already. I'll get to work on finding/picking up a few more things from your wants.

  5. I do have that Tino, but will never turned down a serially numbered one (unless someone else needs it). Thanks for thinking of me!

  6. Damn kid logged me out when I was commenting! ... I know I need the Select and Expectations Nomos. I think I need the Select but I need to check and this week is whooping my ass so who knows when that will be.