Sunday, December 3, 2017

card show haul continuation

Let's check out some more card show pickups from the other day.

I was really excited to find a cheap Dinelson Lamet auto. Padres fans like me are hoping he can blossom into an ace.

A couple nice Trouts, including a faux auto.

A couple Chrome purple refractor rookies, each #/299.

All rise! Serial-numbered Aaron Judge! Cha-ching, baby! And on the reverse side...

The Mick!

Shiny Rizzo (/199) and a Tek Turner RC.

A pair of Pujolses and the pride of El Cajon, 2017 World Champion Joe Musgrove. The blue refractors are /150.

Wrapping up with a trio of Dodgers (eh, ok Piazza is a Met here, but close enough). The Seager is /99. The Piazza Gallery of Heroes isn't done justice sitting flat on a coffee table, so let's hold that puppy up to the light...

That's more like it!

Thanks for reading. More next time.


  1. The Piazza Gallery of Heroes is beautiful!

  2. The gallery of heroes are awesome. I am still chasing down the Griffeys. Only have 2000

  3. one of my favorite Piazzas. The Galleries were nice, period!