Monday, December 4, 2017

Acuna Moncada, what a wonderful phrase

Time for more of my recent card show haul.

I'm happy I got to make that Lion King reference, but regardless, a decent pair of Bowman cards. Ronald Acuna is a hot prospect for the Braves, while Yoan Moncada projects to be in the White Sox infield for many years to come after coming over from Boston in the Chris Sale deal.

Shiny Astros.

I hope Rhys Hoskins continues to rake in 2018.

Late, great legends. Gwynn /199, Munson is /999. Love the shine on Tony's glasses.

The only football card I picked up at the show was this LT.

It's not in very good condition, but glad I could finally add a rookie card to my little Puckett PC.

That's all for today.


  1. Those are some nice shiny Astros! Good haul.

  2. I always loved that shot of Munson. So badass.

    And nice post title!